Are Australian Shepherds Outside Dogs? Detailed Info

Are Australian Shepherds Outside Dogs?

Australians have long been known for their love of the outdoors. And as it turns out, their dogs love it too. Australian shepherds were bred to work outdoors and are therefore considered outside dogs.


For independent well trained dogs, stating outside will pose no issues at all provided you have made provisions for what your dog will need before you’re back.


Many people are curious about the Australian shepherd’s temperament and whether they make good pets who can stay outside. In this post, we will answer the question, “Are Australian shepherds outside dogs?” and share some other interesting facts about this breed.


Australian Shepherds Are a Medium-Sized Breed of Dog.


Australian Shepherds are a medium-sized breed that is originally from America, despite its name. They are considered “outdoor dogs” since farmers depended on them to work outdoors all day, tending to sheep and other livestock on their ranches.


However, this does not mean that Australian Shepherds are only suited to live outdoor. In fact, with enough exercise and proper training, they make excellent indoor pets. It is important to remember, however, that they do require lots of exercise.


A medium breed dog is classified as a dog who is not too big or small, they are in between with an average lifespan of 8 – 13 years.


They Were Originally Bred for Herding Sheep in America.

Australian shepherds were bred for one purpose: herding sheep. They were originally brought over to Australia by a shipment thought to contain sheep and their ancestors, the collie, and a shepherd dog in the 1800s which led to its name.


The dog has been further developed by breeders to have exceptional intelligence, versatility, and strength.


The versatility selectively imbibed over the years is part of the temperament that aids the Australian shepherd to stay both inside and outside. A further read-down of this article will show you everything you need to know about leaving an Aussie outside.


They Need a Lot of Exercise and Are Not perfectly Suited for Apartment Living.


Australian shepherds need a lot of exercise at least, 2 hours daily. If you don’t have a yard or live in an apartment, an Australian shepherd is not the right dog for you. Except you can utilize your space for some great evening walkss and exercises.


They are also not suited to be left outside in extremely cold climates, since they won’t get room to run around as snow could cover everywhere. The idea is for the dog to be able to exercise, if you can provide this in an apartment house, great!


They need to be able to run around and get some exercise in order to stay warm, but their furs can withstand cold to a very great extent. If you live in a colder climate, it’s important to keep this in mind before bringing an Australian shepherd into your home.


That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have a yard or plenty of space to take your Aussie for walks and do some fetch and catch or teach them some new tricks.


Are Australian Shepherds Outside Dogs?


Yes! Australian shepherds are bred to work outdoors, withstand a lot of situations, and can, therefore, tolerate extreme weather conditions. They’re not the best choice for couch potatoes, as they require a lot of exercise and can become destructive when cooped up.


Aussies that are allowed to spend plenty of time outdoors will be less likely to bark and nuisance bark, as they’ll have plenty of outlets for their energy. If you’re looking for a dog that can live both indoors and outdoors, an Australian shepherd may be the best choice, and they make great pets for people who have active lifestyles and plenty of space for their pet to run around.


If you’re thinking about getting an Australian Shepherd, make sure you have plenty of room for them to run and play – they’ll definitely appreciate it!


What is a good outdoor dog?

Outside dogs are dogs that are bred to work, they are usually characterized by lots of energy. these dogs most times are lovers of Adventures, They love to play, run, and learn some mentally stimulating tricks.


before you get an outside dog, ensure that you have an enormous amount of space where these dogs can burn out their energies doing the activities they love best.


Which dog breeds are capable of living outside?


some dogs could stay outside, though not for long periods of time. this is where the line between indoor and outdoor dogs is drawn. outdoor dogs are independent, a long period outside, without you having the fear of them developing separation anxiety.


irrespective of where you intend for your dogs to live, indoors or outdoors. it is advised to familiarise them with the obedience command, this will help in a case of an unaware stranger who came to visit you, you can halt a charging dog with a simple obedience command.


1. Australian shepherd dog

Not only will you enjoy hiking and running with the Australian shepherd, but they are also perfect if you have a farm, but they can also help you herd your animals easily. These 30 – 75 pound canines need you to keep them exercised.


2. Australian cattle dog


you should set yourself as the head of the pack early on, this will help you and your Australian Cattle Dog get down easily. A working dog that requires lots of exercises.


3. Belgian Sheepdog


the Belgian Sheepdog that easy to train obedient and active dog. they are used most times in the search and rescue teams, as they possess an impressive track record. The Chase almost anything that makes a motion before them, as they have a very strong prey drive.


they have an outstanding performance in both cold and warm weather, this perfects them on the list for being a great outdoor dog. Although, you need to contain them with a well-maintained fence.

4. German shepherd dog

This is hands down the best outside dog, as they are used as both police and guard dogs, they are quite independent and can tolerate a long time of being alone.


in as much as they are both characteristics may make them seem so fierce, they are equally perfect family dogs, as they get along well with kids. However, you should understand that they have thick coats, which could be a big risk of heat-related ailments in extreme weather.


5. Labrador retriever

The original purpose of breeding labrador retrievers was to aid fishermen and Hunters. The retrieves are now a common dog seen in most households, as they are energetic, playful, and faithful.


like all the dog breeds listed above, they require mental stimulation and lots of exercises. you can find them in various colors from chocolate to yellow.

order outside dogs includes:

  • Rottweiler
  • Samoyed
  • Irish wolfhound
  • The great Pyrenees
  • Greater swiss mountain dog
  • Siberian husky
  • Bearded Collie
  • American foxhound
  • Alaskan malamute


How can you keep your dogs safe if you’re leaving them outside?

In as much as staying outdoors opens up the boundaries of Adventures for your dog, there are safety concerns that you should know and address. you have listed some for you below:


Your dog could get bitten by an infected mosquito with parasites such as heartworms. this one is known to cause death in dogs, as they grow up to a foot long, even the dog’s heart and lungs for long periods.

Being outdoor can expose your dog to these mosquitoes. if you stay around places that are plagued with mosquitoes, it is best to speak with your vet about what you can do.


Keep an eye on them.

some of these outside dogs have the propensity to want to try to escape. aside from escaping they could sometimes come in contact with wild animals, or have a general unwanted experience.

Keeping an eye out for them will ensure you stop them in their tracks while trying to escape or you save them from danger promptly.


If you live in a place where encounters with snakes is Common, or you have been able to track or see a snake movement through your CCTV. you should get snake repellent that is safe for dogs. Although, some of these dogs are snake dogs and can handle the snake themselves.

Poisonous plants or material

the wild dogs in the wild know the difference between a poisonous plant and a nonpoisonous plant. since it is a common practice for dogs to eat plants when they are having stomach upset, the domestic dog might not be able to tell the difference between the plant leading to poisoning.


Fleas and ticks

it is very important to speak to your vet about medication for fleas and ticks, as your dog is bound to encounter these.

Fleas and ticks are usually on grasses, while your dog Traverses these grasses, they stick to his body. contact with other animals who are plagued by fleas and ticks could also lead to your dog getting infected.


What will your Australian shepherd need to be outdoor?


Proper shelter

The idea of shelter it’s not just to cover up the dog outside, a Siberian husky will like to be left outside when the snow is drifting, but the same job you did not like to be left outside when rain is falling.

So you have to provide shelter accordingly to your dog’s needs. if you’re unsure about your dog’s proper shelter need, you should get a big kennel where they can retreat if heat or rain becomes unbearable.


Food for your Aussie


To avoid obesity in dogs, we generally don’t advise that you keep food laying around, you should provide food in adequate amounts in a timely manner. Avoid forgetting that you need to provide your Australian shepherd with food, you can set alarms on your phone.

It is good to note that if the weather is cold or extremely cold, and you wish to leave your dog outside, you should know that this is the period you should provide them with enough calorie and high-fat foods.


Provide water for your Aussies


Unlike food, water should be available 24/7. in very cold weather, the chances that this water may freeze is high, for you to note that this will lead to dehydration in your dog. You should however provide him with water in the morning.

There are numerous products that can keep your dog’s water warm and serve them automatically. Check in with your online stores.




Since you may not be there most of the time to play with your dog, you can substitute your presence with that of a toy or livestock to watch over. This will keep your Australian shepherd busy since he is a social animal.

Dogs love to chew bones and play with balls( a blue and yellow ball will be nice since it’s the colors dogs sees best).


Is it okay to leave dogs outside?


Yes! Leaving an Australian shepherd dog inside doesn’t necessarily mean the dog is happy about the arrangement. Aussies love spaces where they can roam freely, if you want to confine them to living in an apartment or in space, this may work overtime, but it doesn’t mean the dog is happy with this arrangement.

likewise, locking on a leash, for an Australian shepherd dog that is prone to separation anxiety is a terrible act. I once had a neighbor who locked out his dog and went to work, the dog will cry all day long. This is what made me write about chihuahua crying.


Do dogs prefer to be inside or outside?

It all depends on the dog’s personality and preferences. Some dogs love being outside and will spend hours playing in the yard, while others prefer to curl up on a soft blanket inside.

Final thoughts on Are Australian Shepherds Outside Dogs?

Australian shepherds are outside dogs. they are bred to work outdoors, they can also thrive as indoor pets. They are intelligent and active dogs who need plenty of exercise and stimulation, but they can make great pets for the right family.


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