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Australian shepherd dog breed

From the name Australian shepherd, you may think they originated from Australia. But they originated from western America during the period of the gold rush around the 1800s. These are working dog breeds, bred to herd livestock.

A great way of exciting your Aussies is to provide them with a task to fulfill since they have a high drive for sports activities and work in general.

They are highly intelligent dogs, and one of the best companions you could add to your family. Their intelligence precedes them. We will guide you through the traits of the dog and every single thing you need to know.


Lifespan  12 -13years
Height Male: 20 -23 inches

Female 18 -20 inches

Weight Female 20 – 25 kg

Male 25 – 35 kg

Temperament Loving, intelligent, assertive, versatile.
Price  $800 – $1800


Australian shepherd lifespan.


How long a dog will live depends on a whole lot of factors: the quality of food you give the kind of lifestyle you make them live, and how healthy their parents were before breeding.

An Australian shepherd can live up to 12 – 15 years if all things go right.


Australian shepherd price

An Australian shepherd for sale will cost $800 – $1800 depending on the quality of their breeder. A quality breeder will carry out multiple checks on the Australian shepherd puppy’s parents, making the cost of the dog more expensive.


The general cost of an Aussie depends on where you live. The average cost is around $1000.


We look at the traits unique to this beautiful dog breed, this guide could help you decide if you need this dog breed. They are loyal, loving, sensitive, and more.

Is an Aussie a good apartment dog?

A small house and an apartment will not be suitable for your Australian shepherd. These medium-sized dog breeds would prefer and love a house that has a lot of space for them to roam about.


the high energy level they possess means they would love to play, run, and chase after anything in motion. An apartment may not be able to provide them with all the space they need. So, they are not suited for living in apartments.

Is it good for new dog parents to get an Aussie?

No, Australian shepherds are highly intelligent dogs, and equally assertive. A new dog parent will have a hard time trying to train, understand and live with them.


Australian Shepherd can easily assume you to be a subordinate in the pack. A new dog owner or a timid dog owner will not know they are meant to assert themselves as the leader of the pack. This is a strong reason why they are not good for first-time dog owners.


Can an Australian shepherd be left alone?


No, usually they make a great outside dog if you can train them and make provision for their needs, but they cannot endure being left alone for more than 3 – 6 hours on a stretch.


If you’re a busy person engaged in works of all forms, it may be challenging to make yourself present at all times, but it is good to know that Australian shepherds are prone to separation anxiety. Leaving them alone without training them for it can do some damage.


If you must leave them alone, you should gradually increase the time you leave them alone or enroll them in social classes or a daycare. This will help your dog get better at interacting with you, other pets, and strangers.


How much can they tolerate the weather?


Their double-layered coat means they can easily condone both extremes of weather. They are super cool for snowing environments and super cool for the African tropics.


Naturally, dogs don’t rely on their skin for metabolism. Since they don’t have sweat glands on most parts of their skins, they pant and keep their mouths open, this helps in regulating their body temperatures.


Sensitivity level


The Australian shepherds are very sensitive dogs and you’ll see that in times of a sudden noise like a thunderclap. Their sensitivity to noise can lead to anxiety. In times like these, you should take them to a quiet room and play music to distract them from the thunderclaps.


They could also react badly to you starting at them with anger or using a harsh tone toward them. They will obey almost 98% of things you ask them to do if you use calm tones and praises. You can bribe them with treats too.


How often do Aussies shed?


Australian Shepherds shed a lot usually their hair thickens mostly in the fall and early winter to keep them warm, these extra coat gets to fall off in the summer for the dog to stay cool. I was there for you.


As we stated above, they have double coats, which means they will shed a lot. In other to keep hairs from being left over on your couch, and all over the house, you should brush them as much as 3 times weekly.


If you are allergic to Sanders, it’s good to know the shedding season of an Australian shepherd so you can know how often to brush during this period or better yet get dogs without coats of fur. The Aussies shed more in the spring and summer.


It is good to note that, it is quite hard to groom Aussies as they have so many furs on their coats.


Aussies’ drooling potential.


Having an Australian shepherd means, you’ll have to worry less about ropes of slobber around your body, and wet spots on your outfits each time your dog comes to play or greet you.


Usually, this is not an issue for the people who are indifferent towards slobber. but if you hate slobber, you could get yourself an Aussie as you’ll rarely have to worry about a drooling dog.


Potential to gain weight?


The Australian shepherd has a high propensity to add weight. You should never leave food lying around or they’ll keep eating. You should also not leave them to exercise for long periods.


An obese dog will weigh over 20% of its supposed body weight, you may also struggle to feel the dog’s ribs or waistline, also the dog will always be tired and refuse to play games with you. This could lead to obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and faster degeneration of joints.


How do they act with children and other pets?


Australian shepherd dog breeds will generally have the instinct to herd people, things, or other pets in motion. They will like to herd your kids if you don’t train them not to.


Usually, we advise you to supervise your young’s interaction with the dog. You should teach your child, what they do and don’t in interacting with a dog. A dog who is enjoying his meal could get violent if you try to snatch its meal away. Likewise, they could have an unpredictable response if you interfere with their sleep wrongly.


Aussies will get along with other dogs and pets, though the hearing instinct will kick in, and your cat especially, will not enjoy this. Here is how to make your Australian shepherd and cat get along.




It is forgiven if you think the Australian Shepherd is an Australian-born breed because of its name. the Australian shepherd is originally born in America. the intention of the breeders who developed them was; for them to herd their livestock.

there are different accounts, for which dog breeds where are used in the creation of the Australian shepherd. With the appearance and characteristics of the Aussie, is it safe to say it is the combination of a shepherd-type dog? Over time breeders have prioritized their versatility and intelligence.


After the world war, the popularity of this dog breed soared. This post-war era also saw a rekindled interest in horseback riding. The cowboys usually are accompanied by this athletic dog breed, which got spectators at the horse shows, longing for the dogs.

The popularity of the dog didn’t earn it a place in the AKC. It took until 1993 before AKC recognized the dog breed. The Australian shepherd is still a joy to watch even up to this day.



A female Australian shepherd is usually 18 to 21 inches tall, while the male stands around 20 to 23 inches on average. The weight of the female is usually 20 – 25 kg, males weigh 25 to 35kg.

We implore you to disregard breeders who term these breeds as toy, miniature, and teacups, although they could achieve this feat, it comes with adverse health effects. To ensure this dog functions and lives up to its full ability, you better get the AKC recognized standards.


Australian shepherd temperament

The Australian shepherd will remain a loyal, intelligent, and versatile dog as this is how they are conditioned by their nature. They could pose a threat to strangers, so you need to take their early socialization seriously. This includes how many sounds, people, adventures, and sights you can expose them to while they are young.

Socialization reaffirms the versatility traits of the Aussie puppy. The prime target of early socialization is to ensure you are developing an all-rounded dog. Enroll your dog in a kindergarten class, take them to parks, have enough walks, and super-stores that allow pets, and invite your friends more during these periods.

They were bred to handle livestock and push them back in the line. Timid dog parents will not be able to carry out a confident leadership role in the house, this will make Australian shepherds dominate the proceedings in the house making them a bad pick for first-time dog owners.


Australian shepherd images

Australian shepherd images

Blue merle Australian Shepherd dog with a red harness staying in the forest istock


Australian shepherd temperaments

Australian Shepherd puppy, 6 months old, sitting against white background istock




All dog breeds are susceptible to illnesses that plague their particular breed. Aussies tend to have great health generally.

A great practice you should attain is knowing what you need a breeder to show you before you buy a puppy, and also requesting these things. You need a health clearance for both parents of your dog.

For Aussies, you need a clearance from the Canine Eye Registry Foundation(cerf) proving the eyes of the dogs are free of defects, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals( OFA) this clearance is for hip dysplasia–you should lookout for a better or fair score. Hyperthyroidism, elbow dysplasia, and von Willebrand’s disease. To self-certify the authenticity of the reports, use

The following disease may not affect your dog through its lifetime but, it’s a great addition of knowledge knowing about them.


Hip dysplasia: This illness can be present in your dog without any clinical signs to prove it’s present. Hip dysplasia is a condition that is inherited from the parents of the dogs, which is why we prioritize the above checks. It is characterized by lameness and extreme pains on both or one of the dog’s hind legs. It is again standard to breed with a dog that has this condition.

Seizures: Australian shepherds are amongst the dog breeds that can suffer from epilepsy. Epilepsy cannot be cured, it can only be managed with medications. Seizures are products of epilepsy.

Elbow dysplasia: just like hip dysplasia,  this is an inherited disease that is found mostly in larger dog breeds. These three bones that make up the dog’s elbows grow at different rates, leading to laxity of the joints, lameness, and pains in the joints. This is usually corrected by surgery or the pains are managed with medications.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy: PRa lead to blindness as it’s a degenerative eye disorder. This illness is characterized by the total degeneration of the photoreceptors behind the eyes. This illness could be caught on time if you take your dogs for regular checkups, but in a case where you don’t catch it on time, It can’t limit your dog’s life as there are thousands of stories telling tales on how other senses in a dog will compensate.


Distichiasis: This is the growth of an extra row of eyelashes, usually on the dog’s oil gland in his eyes, you’ll see it protruding along the edges of the dog’s eyelids. The dog evenings to rub his eyes and squint since an irritation has been caused. The ailment can be corrected surgically.

Cataracts: difficulty in seeing that is caused by an opacity on the lens of the dog’s eyes. This is a common occurrence in senior dogs, it can be removed surgically. Want to learn how many colors a dog sees best?


Hypothyroidism: this illness is characterized by low production of hormones by the thyroid gland. The least damage it could cause is infertility, imagine? Other visible signs are weakness, obesity, unpredictable heat cycles, and lack of mental activities. Also, the Aussies coat will become very coarse and his skin will become dark and hardened. This ailment is only managed, which means you’ll give the dog medication till his point of death.

Sensitivity to drugs: herding dog breeds usually develop a mutation that leads to sensitivity to drugs. The Australian shepherd and collie suffer this as a result of a Multidrug resistance gene that produces P-glycoprotein. The work of this protein is to eject harmful toxins from the dog’s body. The P-glycoprotein does not function in dogs with the sensitivity to drugs. The symptoms usually will include seizures, lack of coordination, unconsciousness, and death. There is no cure for this, this is why you should buy from quality dog breeders who will check for these things.

Detached retina: The retina can be made to detach from its supportive tissues by an injury to the face of the Aussie. Just like the sickness above, there is no cure for this one too. Your dog will have to enjoy his Visually impaired life to the fullest with you around.

Nasal Solar dermatitis: another name for this illness is Collie-nose. The fact it’s also called color nose does not mean it happens to only collies. You will need to apply sunscreen to your dog’s nose as this will help and keep his nose safe. The NSD is a situation when dogs with small or no pigmentation develop mild or ulcerating lesions as a result of sensitivity to sunlight.


Feeding your Aussies


As puppies, you should feed your Australian shepherds a cup of kibble 3 times daily. As adults, this should be increased to a cup and half or two cups and a half twice daily.


Generally, the amount of food given to dogs is relative. If you’re familiar with feeding dogs, you’ll agree with me that the metabolism, weight, and propensity to be obese determine how much or how little we feed our pooches.


A dog who you can’t see his waist while standing or you can’t feel his ribs while you touch the dog needs some exercise and not more food. At old age, some dogs will require a different kind of meal, as they may have developed an illness over the years. Prioritize the quality of food as this will make the overall difference.




As part of his traits; intelligence: His intelligence and urge to follow things in motion will make him try to look for a way out of the compound(if you live in a yard). He’ll either dig under or try to scale the fence. Take this into note when building your fence.


You should be ready to undergo numerous levels of training with this dog breed before you walk them without a leash. Lack of extensive obedience training means they go after humans or pets while you walk them, as they may not be able to resist their natural urge to do so.


1 – 2 hours of mentally stimulating activities are vital for your pet. From obedience training to frisbee games will help. If you won’t be available for this daily, get some dog puzzle toys that will stimulate the dog’s mind in your physical absence. Watch the following video for a DIY experience:




The Australian dog as puppies, will not need as much physical strain in form of exercise as an adult dog. You even need to limit some of their activities which could lead to future complications in their joints and bones, activities such as jumping so much.


Dog nipping and chasing humans are terrible experiences for your visitors. You have to correct these as puppies. Gear up with obedience training or the dog for classes that will instill the proper training they need.


A good rule we say for all our dogs; do not to try to punish or shout at dogs to avoid creating behavioral problems. Reinforce good acts with treats, praises, and plays with the dogs and it’ll stick in no time.


Grooming and coat color


The Australian shepherd dog breed has a double-layered coat with a waterproof inner coat, these coat aids in regulating body temperature in snow and rain. Aussies in sunny climes have lighter coats compared to their siblings in colder climates who have dense undercoats.


The body of an Australian shepherd dog breed is covered in wavy or straight hairs, while his ear, forelegs, and head are covered with smooth hairs that are short. While the back foreleg is covered with a fringe of hair.


The beautiful Australian shepherd colors include red merle, blue merle, black, and three colors in one(red, tan, and white). With age, the merle becomes darker. Merle is a dark fleck on a light background. A red merle dog is a dog with red flecks on beige.


Grooming the coat of an Australian shepherd dog breed requires you to go beyond the top of the coat to reach the undercoat. This will ensure you take out excess hairs. In brushing their coats, you need to apply a good dog conditioner, then with the aid of a sprinkler brush, brush against the lay of fur. Try to get down to the skin as you also want to distribute its natural oil evenly.


Look out for mats at the back of your Aussies ears. Brushing Your dog well will reduce the amount of time you need to bathe him in a year. This will mean you bathe your dog only when he becomes smelly and dirty.


Grooming is a time for discovery, before you groom your dog and while you’re grooming a dog you should be on the lookout for any possible infections, rash, redness of the skin, or anything that needs medical attention. Check the ears for mites or was and check the eyes for any discharge.


The easy pointer for overgrown nails is clicking against the floors, this is harmful to both you and the dog as the dog could unintentionally injure you. Clip the nails when due.


Extra knowledge for my readers


If you haven’t owned a dog before, but you’re willing to learn and equally put in the hours for your dog, then don’t be intimidated as we will make a lot of guides available for you. Use the search function.


The Australian shepherd dog has a lot of herding in him, to avoid your kids, you, your neighbor’s kids, and your friends from being herded; put the energy of this beauty to work. Teach him how to fulfill dog-grade work, this will be fun for you and him.


While bathing him, get a lick mat to help distract him from what you’re doing, this lick mat will also help to keep his mouth clean, fulfilling two duties at once.


A spaced-out house is usually the best for this dog breed. If you’re so busy or you have humor in you, get a sheep or two. It’s a beautiful sight to watch and helps keep your dog busy while you’re away.


The Australian shepherd dog breed is prone to anxiety when left bored. If you lock him in the house and go out, say goodbye to your couch, shoes, and anything it could see. MENTAL STIMULATION!


The Australian shepherd dog will be as fearless as death when trying to protect you or any of the family members.


You should comprehend that; we only say they are not good apartment dogs as we know an apartment won’t give them all the freedom they need, but if you can give the Australian shepherd the mental stimulation, exercise,  and daily walks they need, they’ll do just fine in an apartment.


Stay confident and make yourself the head of the pack since they do see your family as a pack, with ought anyone showing themselves as dominant, the dog will pride itself as the dominant in the house.


Final thoughts on the Australian shepherd dog breed


Ensure you buy the Australian shepherd dog breed from a quality breeder who will provide you with the proper health clearance. It is usually better to adopt than to buy.


This loving and caring dog breed will amaze you with its willingness and strength.


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