Understanding English Bulldog Tails: Shapes, Care, and Docking

English bulldog

English Bulldog Tails: You will get so much admiration when you walk bulldogs with tails on the street. Some people will ask: “Did you cut off or dock your dog’s tail?” It is a very painful thing to do to a dog, and it could also lead to infection. So, no! I didn’t dock my boy’s tail.

Are bulldogs born with a tail? Yes. bulldogs are born with tails. These tails come in different shapes and sizes. In most cases, these tails may be so small and unnoticed from far. In this article, we are going to be talking about the historical shape of bulldog tails.

English bulldogs with tails, are they born with them?

Understanding English Bulldog Tails: Shapes, Care, and Docking

You can’t go about gluing a tail to a dog. English bulldogs with tails were born with them. There are three types of tails you’ll see on an English bulldog.

The English bulldog tail types includes

  1. English bulldog long or wavy tail
  2. English bulldog corkscrew tail
  3. English bulldog Straight tail

English bulldog with a long or wavy

This English Bulldog Tails type is rare in bulldogs. Bulldogs with log tails have one of their parents with a long tail. As every other breed that was bred for aesthetics, this may come with a health challenge.

This is the least acceptable tail for various kennel clubs across different parts of the world. Because it is believed that if bulldogs have a long curly tail, they have been mixed with different breeds for aesthetics, this could be regarded as a beautiful feature of the Bulldog.

It is always nice to return from a busy day at work and be greeted by an excited dog tail wag.  You should consider getting a German shepherd or any other breed with a natural long tail.

The corkscrew are not as healthy as the wavy tails, the wavy tail is healthy and easier for the dog to handle unlike the rigid corkscrew.

An English bulldog’s corkscrew tail

The English Bulldog Tails corkscrew tail is usually the one most people associate with the English bulldog. It is beautiful and unique because it corkscrews downwards and not up. The tail becomes more rigid as the bulldog gets older.

What does a bulldogs corkscrew tail look like?What does a bulldogs corkscrew tail look like?

The bulldog corkscrew tail looks like a corkscrew it screws downwards. Although it looks harmless it exposes the bulldogs to tail infection as it becomes rigid as the dog ages.

The bulldog tail pocket is usually under the tail, and when you don’t groom the dog properly, it collects dirt. When it collects dirt, this can lead to tail infection over time.

English bulldogs with tails as straight as any other tail

When the standards English Bulldog Tails of a bulldog breed are determined by the AKC, a straight tail or a corkscrew-shaped tail is preferred. The bulldog’s tail is already shaped as it will be when it is an adult as a baby.

What does the bulldog straight tail look like?

Bulldog straight tail | What does a bulldogs corkscrew tail look like?

How to Care for English Bulldogs with Tails

Of course, when you go to buy a bulldog puppy, you will have chosen the type of tail you want it to have. You would like to know the tail that causes the most problems for a bulldog. As the corkscrew tail grows, it gets more rigid and less flexible as the dog gets older.

The part of the tail that comes into contact with the body, underneath the tail, can attract all manners of dirt.

If moisture is allowed to hang for a long time around the area, it causes body irritation and, in some cases, serious fungal infections. If you are planning to get yourself a puppy that has a corkscrew tail, you should try to make sure this area is always clean and dry. In instances where this area is wet, you can use clean clothes, a mild detergent, and warm water to clean the area. Also, don’t forget to rinse with water and dry properly with a clean, dry cloth.

Are French bulldogs born with tails?

French bulldogs are born with tails, however, these tails are very little that you may not notice their presence on the dogs rare. The size of the tail is what usually leads people to ask “are French bulldogs born with tails?”

The French bulldog doesn’t only have a short and small tail, the also have a short lifespan. The French bulldog lives for less than five years on the average.

Though there maybe a little increment as the pup age, this increment may just be so little.

The French bulldog has a screw like tail, a straight tail and a narrow tail. Refer to the English bulldog tails above.

You may be wondering “are French bulldogs born with long tail” let’s see below

Are French bulldogs born with long tails?

I have been dealing with dogs for year’s and I have never seen a French bulldog with a long tail. Their tails are usual short. Although you may be told that the dogs got docked. I don’t believe this till see a Frenchy with a long tail.

Are French bulldogs’ tails docked?

Year’s and years of selective breeding has impacted the French bulldogs tails. The French bulldogs tails don’t even grow up to a level that will make you consider docking. Even as they age, the increment in their tails are almost unnoticed.

French bulldog tail types

 Narrow tail

The English Bulldog Tails narrow tail has it’s standards set by the AKC to be able to cover the anus of the Frenchy. The narrow tail is full at the base and narrow at the tip.

Screw tail

This tail is called a screw tail because it has a screw-like look. It screws downwards like the English bulldog corkscrew tail.

Straight tail

Just like the narrow tail, your expectations are, that the straight tails should cover your dog’s anus. The straight tail is straight and goes downwards.

What is bulldog Tail docking?

Do you feel so joyous each time you come home, or does your dog step into your room and welcome you with so much joy and excitement? Greeting you with a wild tail wag? If yes, why would anybody remove a dog’s tail? Well, let’s learn more about tail docking.

In the 17th century, it was required that all pet owners pay taxes. The only exemption was for people who had working dogs. They were not taxed as their dogs worked. Pet owners who wanted to evade tax had to dock the tails of their dogs.

Originally, tail docking first started with the Romans in ancient times. They believe that cutting off a dog’s tail and part of his tongue prevents rabies. This is gibberish!

In recent times, docking a dog’s tail can be understood because hunting dogs during the chase and catch could sustain injuries.

In some other instances, it could be for reasons of preference. where the breeders think the dog will be more good-looking without a tail.

This process can be hurtful to the dog as it is usually cut off when the dog is younger or it can be bound with a rubber band on the base, stopping blood flow, which would eventually lead to the tail falling off. Brutal!

A bulldog tail docking means the removal of the bulldog’s tail. We explain the methods in which tails are docked below.

How Are Bulldogs Tails Docked?

It English Bulldog Tails was made illegal to dock dogs’ tails. The dog breeders cut off the dogs’ tails using a sharp knife or a pair of scissors. This was usually done when the dogs were 5 days old.

The breeders claim that the dog doesn’t feel pain because its nervous system hasn’t developed much up to that point. Cutting their tails requires you to cut through some nerves, cartilage, and bone.

During this painful procedure, the breeder cannot give the puppy any Anastasia to numb the pain, as this is going to kill a dog at such a young age.

Some breeders use rubber bands. They tie the rubber band to the base of the tail. This stops blood from flowing to the tail. After a while, the tail falls off.

Aside from the pain, the puppy is going to face, you could be exposing the puppy to infection.

Does Docking a bulldog’s Tail Affect Its Mood?

Docking a dog’s tail is a very painful procedure, and it could hurt the dog too much. It may also cause the dog to have lots of bad days. So it is best to discuss it extensively with your vet so you can decide if you want to go through with it. I would prefer you discuss it with the dog, look into the dog’s eye, and tell him/her, “I want to dock your tail because I can’t get over myself.”

English bulldogs with tails

Bulldog, Portrait, Nature, outdoors, UK

What does the law say about docking a dog’s tail in the US and UK?

Except for working breeds, it is illegal for you to dock a dog’s tail in the US and the UK. Other countries have laws to deter this heinous practice.

Watch this video on the pros and cons of docking a bulldog

What is an English bulldog’s tail pocket?

Underneath the bulldogs with tails is a small piece of skin, an overlap. This is called the “tail pocket.” You may not find it in every bulldog.

The bulldog’s tail pocket area can collect dirt from the dogs’ daily activities, worn-out skins, etc. The Bulldogs can’t clean it for themselves, as they won’t be able to reach around it. So you have to remember to clean it up for them. If you don’t know about it, you might overlook it when grooming your bulldogs with tails.

You could wipe under the underside of your bulldogs’ tails with cleaning wipes.

Why are bulldogs’ tails short?

Bulldog raisers believed that the dogs’ tails could lead to infections, rabies, and injuries during fights. This also led to selective breeding of only dogs that had short tails.this is why the majority of bulldogs you find around are having short tails.


English bulldogs are born with tails. These English bulldogs with tails may not look like the tails of other breeds, but they still have tails.

If you’re looking for a beautiful dog, there are lots of beautiful dog breeds. You could check with the Afghan Hound. Speaking on behalf of my bulldog, (because I’ve discussed with him a few moments back) and every other bulldog, we would like to say: “don’t dock our tail unless you want to use us as a working dog, which you don’t.” If you must dock bulldogs with tails, ensure you do it properly.

Well, till my next blog post, stay away from dog problems. don‘t get into a fight with any dog.


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