8 Natural Snake Repellent Safe For Dogs

snake repellent that is safe for dogs

If you care about your dog’s safety, it is natural to check for snake repellent that is safe for dogs. Snakes will naturally stay away from confronting humans, but we still have cases of unprovoked attacks. How much more your dogs?

A snake repellent that is safe for dogs should be able to keep snakes away without posing any health risk to the dog.

Do you know that there are plants that can keep snakes away from your property? There are numerous home remedies that you can use to keep snakes away from your yard. We would uncover all the information you need to know, extensively.

What attracts snakes to my house?

A lot of things can attract snakes to your house, from rodents to some flowers you have in your yard, to densely dark corners, to holes in your roof.

If your house provides the snake with a source of meals, it will always come around to snack. Some dogs can possibly kill small-sized snakes. How will they cope with a 12-foot cobra? A house infested with rodents will always be a sweet spot for snakes.

When the weather is hot, snakes are cold-blooded, and they will look for a cool place to relax. Ensure there are no holes or cracks around the house. Also, check for holes in your septic tanks.

How to get rid of snakes in your yard naturally

To ensure the safety of your dogs or young kids, we have compiled a list of homemade snake repellents that will expel snakes from your premises.

Does vinegar keep snakes away?

If you have an indoor or outdoor pool, vinegar is the perfect snake deterrent for you. Sprinkle it evenly around the perimeter of the pool. This will ensure your safety and the safety of your dog. If your yard is plagued by snakes, you can sprinkle them around the perimeter of the pool. vinegar is a snake repellent that is safe for dogs

Does lime keep snakes away?

Using lime for snakes is believed to work. The snake has a very active sensory organ. The odor from the lime, mixed with the hot pepper, confuses the snake. The hot pepper burns and itches the snake’s skin.

The use of lime for snakes is, however, not scientifically proven. If your house is really plagued by snakes, it is best to involve a company that specializes in ridding places of snakes. They will fish out holes and entry points, seal them up, and apply the needed fumigation. There are still some other homemade snake repellents.


Ammonia produces an odor that snakes cannot withstand. It is a great snake repellent that is safe for dogs. Put a rag in ammonia, put the rags in sack bags and keep them around the perimeter of your house. The smell is strong enough to keep snakes away. Making your home safer for pets and small children

Does sulfur keep snakes away?

Sulfur powder is very effective in keeping snakes away. When snakes slither through the yard, a serious irritation is caused to their skin when it comes into contact with sulfur powder. This is, no doubt, a good snake deterrent.

Garlic and onions.

The sulfonic acid in onions and garlic is a snake repellent that is safe for dogs. This is the chemical that induces tears from our eyes when we chop onions. You can mix this with rock salt and sprinkle it around your premises. You can also mix it with any essential oil and sprinkle it in places you can’t reach with your hands.

Are mothballs safe for my dog?

My English bulldog puppy may spend its whole time jumping around, running after strangers, and playing with anyone available to play with them. This is usually a time of high delinquency.

Mothballs are deodorants used to keep pests away, preserving things that could be ravaged by pests. One of the major components is naphthalene. The smell of naphthalene is a great snake deterrent. This is a very effective ingredient in keeping snakes away.

When using mothballs for snakes, there are chances that your puppy could ingest mothballs. Since mothballs are not safe for your pets, and you should ensure your dogs are not at risk of ingesting mothballs. If ingested, contact your vet asap.

Naphthalene is a common chemical compound found in many snakes away products. It will keep the snakes away without killing or harming them (just in case you’re an animal activist). Since snakes don’t enjoy the smell, it keeps snakes away effectively. If you’re plagued with snakes on your property, you should consider getting a snake away product that contains naphthalene.

Plants that serve as natural snake repellents

Due to their strong odor, citrus-scented plants like kaffir-lime and lemongrass are more successful as snake deterrents than powdered lime. Snakes are able to perceive the odor thanks to their excellent sensory organs. Its senses are hampered by the odor, which causes it to become confused.

Sweet flag (also known as muskrat root) and Pine Oil are two more snake repellents that are safe for dogs and are thought to be more effective.

Before you go looking for snake repellants that is safe for dogs, you should understand that there are plants that don’t keep snakes away; these plants attract snakes. If you have these plants in your garden or property, they are likely to create issues for your dogs by attracting snakes.

Palm tree

Palm trees easily attract snakes. They usually find mice and rodents to eat on palm trees. If you have one, you should consider removing the tree, but if it adds beauty to your house, you can use our home remedy snake deterrents.

Flowers that attract snakes

Snakes are attracted to flowers such as rosemary, morning glory, etc. If you want to keep these snakes away, you need to rid your yard of these flowers.

How to keep snakes away?

The best way to keep snakes away is to clean out your yard, exterminating any rodent infestation. It’s no secret that rodents attract snakes. Snakes eat mice and other rodents, so wherever the rodents are found, there is a high chance a snake is lurking around.

Check for holes and block them. Fix any cracks in your wall. If you’re a busy person, you could get a professional to fix these holes and exterminate the entire yard. Rid your garden or house of any plants that attract snakes. We listed the plants that attract snakes above.

Extra information for my readers

You can easily exterminate snakes by having their predators around. Snakes fear foxes and stay out of their lanes. If you can’t afford to have a fox on your property, you can get some fox urine and sprinkle it around the yard. The Fox repellent is a snake repellent that is safe for dogs. It has no effect whatsoever on your dogs.

essential oils has been tested and has been proven to have little or no effect in keeping snakes away.

Snake repellent chemicals that are safe for dogs

Snake repellent chemicals

Snake repellent chemicals

As a pet owner, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers that snakes pose to your dog. While most snakes are not aggressive and will only bite if they feel threatened, there are some species that can be quite dangerous.

Luckily, there are several snake repellent chemicals that are safe for dogs and can help keep them away from these pests.

The most common type of snake repellent is made up of naphthalene and anthracene. These chemicals work by creating an unpleasant smell that snakes cannot stand. However, they are also highly toxic to dogs, so it’s important to only use them in areas where your pet cannot reach them.

Another option is to use a snake fence. These fences create a physical barrier that snakes cannot cross. They can be placed around your yard or garden to keep snakes out. If you live in an area with a high snake population, you may also want to consider getting a dog that is trained to deal with snakes.

These dogs have special training that helps them avoid and even confront snakes without being harmed.

Snake repellent chemicals include – Cyhalothrin Dimethoate, Synthetic pyrethroid, ammonia, mothball, and sulfur.

Does diesel keep snakes away

Does diesel keep snakes away

Does diesel keep snakes away

A myth backing use of diesel to keep out snakes from your property is moving around. But does it work? Diesel is a petroleum product, and like other petroleum products, it has a strong smell.

Is diesel an effective snake repellent for dogs? No, Diesel contains hydrocarbon, and hydrocarbons are known to cause seizures, palpitations, and damage to the liver and kidney. It could also pose a potential fire hazard. It is not scientifically proven that diesel would repel a snake.

This can be off-putting to some animals, including snakes. In addition, the grease and oil in diesel can make it difficult for snakes to move. However, there’s no scientific evidence that diesel is an effective way to keep snakes away.

And even if it did work, it would be impractical to use around your home or property. If you’re concerned about snakes, the best thing to do is take steps to deter them from entering your property in the first place. Diesel is not a safe repellent that is safe for dogs.

How do I snake proof my yard?

If you’re worried about snakes in your yard, there are a few things you can do to snake proof it. First, remove any potential hiding spots for snakes. This means trimming back bushes and keeping your grass short.

You should also make sure there are no cracks or holes in your fence that a snake could squeeze through. Another way to deter snakes is to eliminate their food source.

If you have a lot of rodents in your yard, snakes will be attracted to the area. Try to keep your property free of debris and clutter where rodents could nest. And if you do see a snake, don’t try to kill it – they play an important role in the ecosystem and likely won’t stick around if they don’t feel welcome.


Homemade snake repellent safe for dogs

Homemade snake repellents that are safe for dogs are things in your home, which you can use to repel snakes from your home. An ecosystem is considered healthy if snakes are present. Every country in the world has snakes except for Cape Verde, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, and other small island countries.

Unlike people with Ophidiophilia (attraction to snakes) most people can get really scared at the thought of sharing a space with a snake let alone – seeing one. Let me give you first-hand value on how you can use a few household items to keep snakes away for both your safety and your dog’s.


  • Snake glue trap and how to build one
  • Snake bottle trap
  • Wire cage trap ( funnel trap)
  • Box cage

Snake glue trap and how to build one

The snake glue trap is easy to construct. For snake advocates, this is the most humane type of trap you can use in depriving snakes of the freedom to harm your dog. It is flexible and will trap any kind or size of the snake.

The only purchase you need to make is acquiring the adhesive that will be used in building the trap. You could then decide on the platform where you’d like to place the adhesive. The adhesives will come in sticky sheets or glue.

I recommend you use a box as the platform where you can place the adhesive. However, making use of a plank of wood or plastic can suffice. A box will make handling the snake easier for you. The aim here is what you’re using should be big enough to trap the snake.

If properly placed, the snake will be trapped. If you don’t get it right, the snake will still move around dragging your sticky sheet.

Not all snakes are venomous, however, if you have successfully trapped a snake, it is usually best to get a professional to handle it except if you have experience in handling a snake.

Snake bottle trap

This trap is effective for only small snakes, if you’ve seen small snakes around, the bottle trap can help you trap the small snake and keep your dog safe.

How is it made? You need bait, usually a mouse(frozen), a pair of scissors, and an empty bottle of juice or water. Cut open the top of the bottle with the scissors, place the mouse in the bottle, then the snake will try to get the mouse. Once it’s in, you’ve trapped the snake. This is only effective on small snakes.

Watch the video on how to make


Wire cage trap ( Snake funnel trap)

This is basically like the bottle trap, but bigger. It is perfect for use both indoors and outdoor. The snake could easily be released back to its habitat, as releasing it from this trap is just as easy as eating shrimps.

As the name implies, it is made in a funnel shape with two exits(mimicking the fuel) this trap is made of wire, as soon as the snake slithers in, it gets stuck. Like the bottle trap, you have to include a bait

Here is a step by step guide to create a homemade snake repellent safe for dogs — funnel trap

Box cage trap

The box cage trap for dogs is easy to make. They also make it easy to transport the reptile back to its natural habitat. I will suggest you pick up these traps in your local stores

For people who are strongly against using live bait, this snake trap comes with dots that attract snakes, and a powerful snake-safe adhesive that will immobilize the snake.


What to do after trapping the snakes?

We can all agree that it’ll be best if a professional handles this, but if you are brave enough you may like to arm yourself with these tips.

After catching a snake with your snake repellents that are safe for dogs, you need to act quickly and release it from the trap in a safe place as this is a humane practice.

You need to take caution while trying to free the snake, the snake will not care if you’re trying to save it. Avoid coming into proximity to the snake’s mouth. The snake may feel threatened and attack you.

Except you have this snake as a pet, you should release it as far away as possible, to avoid it getting back to your place again.


Final thoughts on snake repellent that is safe for dogs

Shopping for snake repellents is not an easy task when you have to consider factors such as your kids or dogs. Snake repellent that is safe for dogs is not easy to find, as most sellers don’t detail everything that could be found in their products. You should do your due diligence.

Homemade snake repellents are usually the best bet, but it is even more effective to get an exterminator to purge your house of any hideouts. If you enjoyed our guide on Snake repellent that is safe for dogs, lend us a paw and share.


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