Why is My Chihuahua Crying? + Why Is My Chihuahua Crying At Night? Stop It Now

Chihuahua Crying

A chihuahua crying is not an anomaly. A good number of times, you may notice your chihuahua crying for no reason. Just like humans, your dog may be throwing a tantrum or may be having issues that need to be solved.

We never want to see our cuties in distress, but be sure you’re not encouraging them by giving them treats when they are developing a bad habit of communication. You won’t be able to stand it in the long run as you will have nights without proper sleep.

Is my chihuahua crying in pain? Just like humans, dogs have emotions, both negative and positive. Crying chihuahuas can be a result of emotional distress, pain as a result of infection or health issues, or the pain of being abandoned. Let us help you understand the reasons why you find your Chihuahua crying, in this piece.

Why do Chihuahuas cry?

A sad chihuahua puppy will cry from neglect if abandoned at the night. A chihuahua will certainly draw your attention to his problem. They may also cry because they can’t speak English (literally). They can’t talk to you about it, so they usually cry to draw your attention to their feelings or pains.

A crying chihuahua may have a high pitch, but not a loud whine. The push for the dog to cry may be individualistic in temperament, or it could be a result of the training so far.

A chihuahua will cry to call your attention to anything bothering it. As they lack the voice of expression, they will cry to get you to know they need to poop, or they may cry just to get you to pet them, brush, touch, and play with them if possible.

You wicked human! Have you forgotten their feeding schedule? They will cry to let you know that they are not on keto, and neither are they fasting for any religious reason. Give me my darn food, “says a chihuahua crying. If you’re the type that gives them treats, and maybe you’re having a bad day, or you’re busy, whatever the case may be, and you forget to give them treats, you will have a crying Chihuahua. This could be corrected with obedience training. Most of the time, the teary eyes of a chihuahua are inevitable.

Chihuahua crying can also be the dog’s trying to communicate its distress with you. Anxiety can trigger your dog to whimper or cry. If you left them alone for too long or if you kept the puppy in the crate at night, your dog may cry for a while. The easiest way of solving this is to get two puppies or put more effort into training them to be able to stay alone.

Why do chihuahuas eyes water so much?

Chihuahuas are susceptible to watery eyes. Observation of their eyes shows they’re either inflamed, red, or squinting. The major reasons are cherry eye, glaucoma, epiphora, emotional distress, and other health issues such as injuries. Chihuahuas’ eyes are large, making them susceptible to genetic eye health issues.

Most of the time, your Chihuahuas eyes water so much, but it doesn’t mean your dog is crying. Your dog will produce tears to help them lubricate the large balls. This provides them with comfort. Some researchers said it’s a natural reflex occurrence where their eyes get watery to clear their vision.

Why do Chihuahuas cry at night?

Unlike a grown chihuahua who has learned how to use aggression to cover its fears if it feels threatened, or has perfected how to communicate its needs from the years spent with you.

It is common for chihuahua puppies to cry at night as they are trying to mourn their dead “park” members. As they miss the presence of other puppies from their litter, this cry will keep coming if you leave them in the crate alone or if they can’t sleep with you.

To stop the baby chihuahua crying, you can easily resolve this by putting in comforting sounds or running on animal channels.

As a result of their excellent hearing, they may have been able to pick up frightening, or approaching sounds.

How long do Chihuahua puppies cry at night?

The baby Chihuahua crying at night will continue for the first week or for the first two weeks since you are just bringing them to the house. You can resolve to use the following steps to curb the crying if it’s getting longer than expected.

How to stop a chihuahua crying crate behavior.

Get your chihuahua puppy exhausted before crate time.

If you haven’t experienced a chihuahua crying, you won’t probably understand how it feels. It can make you go insane, but never punish those angels.

Engage your chihuahua in a lot of energy-consuming activities before it’s time for bed. The idea here is that a tired puppy will go to sleep, and there won’t be much space for a crying Chihuahua looking for attention at an odd hour.

A 25-to-30 minute run or exercise will seal this out.

Is the Chihuahua crying in his crate? Ignore them!

As evil as this may sound, it’s okay to ignore your little cutie from time to time, except when they need to pee or go outside. A chihuahua will take advantage if you always carry them out of the crate each time they cry. They will start using the method to get anything they want.

As we stressed in the abstract of this piece, trying to always deal out treats at every single cry they make, or always carry them out of the crate at night if they cry, will only reinforce the bad habit. Except you love to see them cry.

If you must take them out of the crate, wait till they stop crying for a few minutes before you take them out. This will ensure the right training method.

Why is your chihuahua crying? It is important to be able to differentiate when it’s for attention or when they need to pee.

Is it bad to show your dog affection even when they just need attention? No way! It’s like having a child who cries for everything. You can’t keep up with this act over the long run. You can only help them communicate better by removing unnecessary displays. If you can tolerate shit, will other people you meet in life tolerate your shit? You’re only making life hard for them.

Will your relatives understand your Chihuahua’s cries for anything it wants if you give them your dog?

When you take them out of their crate, take them straight to the potty area. If they poop, then that’s it. If not, take them back. This will make your pup understand that, to you, a Chihuahua crying means: “I want to poop.”

Make sure they get great comfort.

This can be done by using the right size of crate for their build. This will enable them to do a lot of movement without feeling caged. He should be able to walk, turn around, and do a little jump.

We implore you not to punish or scare the hell out of your crying chihuahua.

Like every other dog, they’ll only end up being afraid of you. You’ll get to see a lot of withdrawn attitudes if you think scolding and punishment will solve things.

With every single act he may put up, from your chihuahua crying, to biting you or other people, you can check out our blog to see how you can handle things.

Reward and praise your dog when it does something nice or when it communicates better.

Simple instructions, such as, “get to bed.” If your dog actually goes to bed, reward him with some of the good treats he loves. This will help your pup get used to its crate.

Further ways you could persevere with a crying Chihuahua

You can turn on a speaker to play calming songs or sounds at night, like rain sounds, running fans, etc. Just ensure the sounds are steady and pose no threats, like thunderclaps.

Animal TV shows help calm dogs at night. I have personally used this trick a few times when I had to be away during the day. I set up a camera. This was for a big dog, though. The dog reacted to bigger animals by barking but was fixated on the screen. I’ll post these videos on our Youtube channel as soon as we open them.

Do you have other pets? Supervise meals.

Chihuahuas are usually small, so it’s not a new thing if a bigger dog tries to bully them. If you have other pets at home, try and supervise their mealtimes and discipline any dog trying to cheat others out.

Chihuahuas will cry if they feel threatened. They’ll also whine and make lots of noise. If you own other pets, you should keep this in check.

Did you just adopt a special-needs or abused dog?

If you’ve cleared them medically and don’t mind sleeping with a pet, you can have them sleep with you for a few nights if you’ve cleared them medically. This will help a crying chihuahua’s anxieties go away.

Final thoughts on Chihuahua crying

Now you understand it isn’t an anomaly for you to have brought home a crying Chihuahua pup. You have also been equipped with the right way to respond and help them get through the crate training.

Remember to encourage good behavior; it’s always the way to go.


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