Affectionate With Family?

The German shepherds are loyal, loving and protective of the family. Which is why they may not blend so easily with strangers. If you’re adopting this breed, be rest assured that you wouldn’t have increase your family number with any better choice.


Are German Shepherds Dog Friendly?


Gsd are not dog friendly, they will try to dominate other dogs which will lead to scuffles from time to time. However, you can improve how they relate with other dogs by providing early socialization for your gsd. Most dogs that we’re allowed enough time to play with dogs of their litters may tend to socialize better with other dogs. Look up our article on German shepherd and cats

Friendly Toward Strangers

Socialization is key here, if you socialize a gsd, they will turn out to be friendly with strangers, as you would have shown them people, object, and other animals in their puppyhood.

Shedding potential of gsd?

If you can’t bear have hairs all around your place, you may want to choose another breed that don’t shed. Gsd sheds a lot, with proper grooming which includes brushing of their coats, they may shed less around the house, as you would have brushed out most hairs that we’re likely to fall off.

Potential to bark and howl

This are contributes to why they can’t make an apartment dog, German Shepherd barking is not an anomaly.  German shepherds bark to alert you of any danger, they bark while playing, just know the bark frequently.


German Shepherd physical characteristics

German shepherd characteristics

German shepherd looking for you  in the forest istock


Training a GSD will come easy for you. This dog breeds are easy to adapt to receiving prompts. Whichever language you use in training them, they will be able to catch on quickly, all thanks to their high intelligence and treats you have to offer.