Why My Australian Shepherd is Out Of Control + Quck Way To Stop

Why My Australian Shepherd is Out Of Control

Many trainers profit from complaints like “why my Australian shepherd is out of control?” Before you start screaming, “I hate Australian shepherds,” let’s help you understand why your beautiful cutie is getting out of control.

Australian shepherds are intelligent dogs. Physiologically, intelligence is associated with craziness. Most intelligent people are disorganized and scattered, but if they were watched on time, they may have been able to be intelligent and still hold their activities together. So, why is my Australian shepherd crazy?

For new dog owners or inexperienced dog owners, you may struggle to get it together with these breeds. They have high energy levels and are always in need of activity. Neglecting an Aussie will lead to a lot of wrong actions from the dog.

You should be ready to exercise your dog regularly if you don’t want to have to deal with antisocial behavior from your dog. Do you think you have a crazy Australian shepherd? Let’s see why.

At what age do Australian shepherds calm down?

Australian shepherds will calm down when they get to two years of age or above. If an Aussie puppy is displaying aggression towards people, just know that you aren’t socializing them enough. When do Aussie puppies calm down? Aussie puppies will calm down when trained properly. They start getting less hyper as they get to two years old and above.

Why My Australian Shepherd is Out Of Control + causes of Australian Shepherd behavior problems.

In knowing why your dog is “misbehaving,” you have to accept the fact that dogs are individuals and no two dogs will behave the same. But something is constant amongst these breeds–intelligence, hyperactivity, and the need to be engaged.

Australian shepherd behavior problems are caused by improper specialization, lack of exercise, neglect, underlying health issues, fears, and boredom. We have thoroughly examined these things for you below.

Improper socialization

Mini Aussie behavior problems are usually caused by a lack of know-how by the dog’s parents. You are meant to socialize your dog with other dogs and people at an early stage. This will create a position of seamless integration between the dog and the people around you.

Why is my Aussie so aggressive all of a sudden? A dog that isn’t socialized properly barks over anything, pounces on your visitor and is even unfriendly to kids in the home. You don’t want to have a crazy Australian shepherd? Socialize them!


How does your dog react when it hears a thunderclap? Before I separated my dog from sleeping on my bed with me, he would shake and whimper if we had a thunderclap. Aside from sounds, noise separation anxiety, and smell can cause your dog to exhibit strange, aggressive, and out-of-place behavior.

Do you exercise your dog?

When you adopted this breed, were you well informed about the basic needs of the dog? Due to their smarts and high levels of intelligence and energy, these dogs require you to tire them out. Give them exhausting activities to do, and make them work.

A great exercise of two hours or more will limit any room for out-of-place behavior. A well-exercised Australian shepherd’s crazy stunts are reduced by 90% as they will be so tired and there won’t be excess energy to invest in striping on your head or jumping around.

Most dog owners don’t have the time to train or exercise these cuties. I would suggest you sign them up for puppy classes or engage the services of a dog trainer.

Have you encouraged the development of bad mini Aussie behavior problems?

It’s a normal thing for us to get it wrong in some things while trying to train these cute pups, just like a Chihuahua crying. Some wrongly encouraged acts can pose big issues when these dogs grow.

Do you dish out treats when your dog is jumping around, requesting attention by crying, doing some funny stuff, or destroying your furniture? As much as we don’t encourage you to punish your dogs, we don’t expect you to give them treats when they engage in detrimental activities.

Heath issues

I was  personally asked on a forum, “why my Australian shepherd is out of control?” I suggested they check if the dog is having any pain or has any injuries. Because if a dog has been doing well and suddenly starts misbehaving, it’s as a result of sudden discomfort or a sudden change in attitude from the dog’s owner.

If your Aussie doesn’t tolerate exercise or is acting so weak or is getting sensitive to touch and play, you can examine its ears, tail area, butt area, legs, and neck. Get your vet involved if you are unsure about what to do.

How do you behave towards the dog?

Before you start asking “why my Australian shepherd is out of control?”, you need to examine yourself quickly and see if you first went out of the script.

These are sensitive dogs that sense things around them, including your emotions. They will easily imitate your attitudes, not because they hate you. It’s a way of bearing your pains. Do you still think you have a crazy Australian shepherd?

A change in the activities or environment of your dog.

We understand it’s easy to teach small pups new tricks and things to do, but that isn’t the same for older dogs. They are already accustomed to the activities they are used to. This may make them act crazy or act in unpredictable ways. It’s just a way of trying to balance things.

How to calm an Australian shepherd

Your dog can calm down if you can modify its training. Pay attention to the dog’s mood. If it’s agitated, it’s less likely to take any of your training exercises.

Asses your attitude around the dog.

Most of the time, a dog reacting similar to the way you do doesn’t mean they are trying to provoke you. They are just following your lead. Dogs are sensitive to emotions. It’s not a new sentence. They will mirror your actions. This is not in all cases, my dog lays around me if it senses I’m angry or sad (I love that cutie forever).

Understand what is making your Austrian shepherd hyper.

If you are wondering why your Aussie is behaving so aggressive, you need to thoroughly address the possible causes we listed above. Your Aussie may be hyper because it is exhausted or it’s lacking exercise. I have read reports of people who said their puppy started jumping on furniture when it was left idle for a whole day.

Provide more stimulating activities for your Aussie.

We always stress on exercise. If you feel you have a crazy Australian shepherd, this exercise is not only for the body, you should stimulate its mind. Read more about new tricks and tasks that could excite and stimulate the dog’s mind, and muscles.

When I was a kid, I always cherished times with my dad, as he always had a DIY to build with me, a new trick or take me to go and fish. I apply this with every new dog I get. At the command of “outside,” “dog park,” e.t.c., they get very excited.

Are you exercising them well?

Australian shepherds are herding bred dogs. They possess a great deal of stamina. You should be proactive in choosing the work you ask them to do. Take note of how the dog reacts to each piece of training you give them and decide the ones to drop or continue with. Exercise with treats is perfect! You can use it to kill two birds at once. Not only will you train them, but you’ll also tire them out.

It is great to note that just as a good exercise can help calm an Australian shepherd and stop aggression, too much of it will make them even more aggressive and act out violent scripts.

Get your dog some great toys.

Fetch games are perfect because they help your dogs get accustomed to their toys. If you work at home, or you’re busy with work outside the home, You’d like to acquire some toys for your dog. Keep in mind that they could be able to chew on these toys. This will keep them busy. You may no longer worry about why my Australian Shepherd is out of control.

Have lots of bonding time with your dog. Spend time with your dog; you might be surprised to discover that new alien behaviors are caused by how much your dog misses your company. Spending more time with your dog can make you worry less about “why my Australian shepherd is out of control.” You’ll learn a lot about the dog, firsthand.

When you run, your dog’s instinct kicks in.

Your dog will run after you more aggressively if you are running away from it in a hyper mood. The dog simply thinks it’s herding you. “Let me get him back to the herd,” says the Aussie.

Reinforce only positive behavior.

Positive reinforcement replaces punishment with class. When I tried to stop my chihuahua from crying unnecessarily at night, in its crate. I only took it out of its crate minutes after it had stopped crying, and then I took it straight to the area where it poops. No treats, no nothing. I was able to get it to stop crying in less than a week.

Do Austrian shepherds have separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is the response of distress from a dog when it is separated from its owner or left alone. Sometimes, this can sprout from poor socialization or training. t could also be a strong reason why my Australian Shepherd is out of control.

The very loving and loyal Australian shepherd usually attaches themselves to their owners. If you allowed them to sleep with you in the same bed or if you spent more time with them during the pandemic, they are likely going to find it hard to get by. This can lead to a few aggressive behaviors. This is going to be an individual effect, as some dogs may not have this problem.

Separation anxiety is experienced in dogs older than 6 months. Also, when a dog is getting older, from 8 years upwards, They exhibit signs of separation anxiety.

How can I tell if my Aussie is suffering from separation anxiety?

  1. Your dog will poop in unusual places, even if you have trained them already.
  2. I once had a neighbor who locked out his dog all day and it kept barking, howling, and whining. cruel!
  3. Your dog may also be shaking, pacing, hiding, or panting.
  4. How do I prepare my Aussie to be alone at home when I go back to work?
  5. Leave treats and toys when you’re leaving. This will help your puppy associate your leaving the house as a good thing.
  6. There are some devices online that could throw treats at your dogs, another great way of keeping them calm. Although you want to give them healthy treats.
  7. If you can engage them in a tiresome exercise before you leave, they’ll spend their time resting less bored.

My final thoughts on Why My Australian Shepherd is Out Of Control.

These breeds of dogs are not only beautiful, but they are also intelligent and an embodiment of grace. Aussies are hyperactive and require understanding in order to prevent constant aggressive behavior.

In taking the steps we researched for you above, you will hardly complain again.

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