Easy Vegetarian Dog Treats: Tasty, Healthy and Natural

Vegetarian Dog Treats

Finding wholesome and tasty vegetarian dog treats is quite simple if you know what to look for. But before you start looking, you maybe thinking “Can my dog have a vegetarian diet, but still get the nutrients that he requires to be healthy?” The answer to this question, is simply yes! It’s completely possible to feed your dog a vegetarian diet and still give her the recommended amount of nutrients but from non-animal sources.

Besides, many commercial meat-based treats contain ground-up parts from different animals, which have been identified by the USDA as ‘unfit for human consumption . These animals could already be dead, dying from a disease, or labeled as disabled. They are ground-up and used as an ingredient in some commercial dog treats – It is a scary feeling knowing that part of the animal in your dog’s treat could have potentially died from disease – I’m sure that’s not a risk you’re willing to take?

Tasty ‘Homemade’ Vegetarian Dog Treats

You can make a vegetarian dog treat in the comfort of your own home. This can be one of the best ways to not only be rest assured on the ingredients that is in your treat, but surprisingly this can help you save money too – and who doesn’t want a little extra money in their pocket each week. If you’ve been looking and researching for a healthy treat, then this is the perfect site for you.

There have been times where I have caught my husband eating our dogs treats, and he says’s that they taste pretty damn good. So don’t feel too embarrassed if you sneak a bite of one because all my recipes are suitable for dogs and humans. I never include any harsh ingredients only pure, natural and simple ingredients. These treats are a great choice for any dog owner who is looking for a safe and healthy snack for their companion.

Benefits Of Vegetarian Dog Treats

There are many reasons why a dog could be on a vegetarian diet. Many dogs have problems digesting meat and require to be on a vegetarian diet. Not All dog treats need to contain meat. There are plenty of vegetarian dog treats available on the market or you can even make them at home. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Increases your dogs health and stamina
  • Reduces the risk of your dog getting cancer, infections and hypothyroidism
  • It Helps improves the digestive system and controls weight
  • Decreases the percentage of your dog getting parasites
  • Improves your dog coat condition
  • Treats are much lower in calories

Why Feed Vegetarian Dog Treats?

Whether it’s to reflect your own beliefs, nutritional needs, background, political, environmental or cultural reasons, the choices that we make, can be carried over and reflected in our dog’s diet.

Choosing a vegetarian diet, it reduces the number of animals that are suffering and being slaughtered for food. It also helps the negative impact on the environment caused by the meat and dairy industry. Best of all, it allows you to give your dog a healthy diet that you know will be free from diseased animals.

Luckily, It doesn’t matter why you choose to feed your dog a vegetarian diet, just know that you can do so without compromising their health.

Are Vegetarian Dog Treats Natural?

You may also be wondering whether it’s ‘unnatural’ to remove meat from a dog’s diet. Wild animals generally eat a lot of vegetation, and this is normal and doesn’t affect their health. Besides, if we attempted to feed our dogs the meat, they would find it in the wild. We would be giving them mice and birds.  Not sure about you, but that’s NOT what I’d like to feed my dog. Even proponents of raw dog food, don’t usually feed their dogs mice.

Story: ‘Bramble’ The Vegetarian Dog

Vegetarians and vegan dog owners choose to have their dogs on a meat-free diet which includes their vegetarian dog treats.

Here’s a little bit of history with dogs on a meat-free diet. There was a border collie named ‘Bramble’, who was known as ‘The Veggie-Eating Dog’. He held the Guinness World Record for being the oldest living dog in 2002. He passed away at the age of 27 (189 dog years). What’s incredible is that Bramble and his owner lived on a vegan diet. Bramble’s story is living proof that dogs can survive on a meat-free diet and still be very healthy!  You can see Bramble’s story here.

Thinking Of Putting Your Dog On a Vegetarian Diet?

Although some experts in the field don’t recommend putting your dog on a vegetarian diet, it can be done. Your dog will still be able to get all the vitamins and nutrients they require to be happy and healthy. If this is the diet that you have chosen to pursue in your dog’s diet, please make sure you get advice from a canine nutritionist to ensure that you are meeting your dog’s nutritional requirements. If your dog doesn’t get the nutrition that he needs, your dog could suffer serious health problems. Do you still see the need of placing your canned friend on Vegetarian Dog Treats?


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