The Afador Dog Breed: A Guide to Training, Care

Afador Dog

A Guide To The Afador Dog Breed


The Afador Dog Breed originated in Alaska in the year 2000, the beautiful result of the combination of a patrician Afghan hound and a gentle Labrador retriever. He is a very athletic dog with the personality traits of both parents.

The cute afador is best suited for older children and can be an effective guard dog. The breeders of Afador are still looking to improve the appearance and personality of the dog. You will mostly find the dog’s body looking like the Labrador retriever and the head with the

The appearance of the noble Afghan hound A mid-sized dog with silky hair on its face. Because it is a hybrid dog, it is not eligible to join the American Kennel Club‘s purebred registry. The afador dog breed has the awesome qualities of both parents: they are courageous, loyal, affectionate, patient, and energetic.

Afador Dog Breed

Afador Dog Breed, shocked at seeing you.

Afadors Characteristics

The Afador dogs characteristics depicts how your dog will perform in an apartment, a fenced yard, with other dogs and kids. This will help you decide if the dog is a great addition to your household.


Is an Afador dog affectionate with his family?


Afador dogs are very loyal and affectionate, and they make a great addition to the family. Unlike some other dog breeds, this dog  isn’t an aloof dog. They pay attention to the entire family and give out loads of cuteness.

This breed can bond with one person if that’s the only person that takes care of him, but this wouldn’t stop the dog from showing love to everyone else in the house.

 Are Afador dogs suitable for first-time dog parents?

If you’re a first-time parent, you may want to look at other breeds. Afadors are strong-willed.

We advice you get the afador dog if you have acquired a huge chunk of dog experience. This small cuties are assertive and quite independent. As a new dog parent, this may overwhelm you.

If you still decide on getting one, you can arm yourself  with all the valuable information we have on training dogs, including exceptional dog treats for training.


What is The sensitivity level of an Afador?

They, like some dogs, do not become overly sensitive. Sensitive dogs are dogs that don’t tolerate things, they are not easy going. A sensitive dog will react to a stern look from you.

On the other hand a moderately or completely insensitive dogs will let go of things easily. They’ll forgive your misgivings, loud noise, kids play and pounce, and all other disturbances. Though in general, dogs don’t like you to blow on them.

The Afador dog is averagely sensitive, on a scale of 1 – 10 the afador scores 5. They can tolerate to a certain extent, as you live with them, you’ll discover their limits.


Is Afadors social with other dogs?


They are accommodating towards other dogs. However, you should socialize your dog as early as possible this will ensure they turn out to be an easy-to-integrate dog. A dog that can blend with other pets in the house.

These dog breeds need you to save them from themselves sometimes as they can get into trouble with bigger dogs. They are averagely accommodating towards other dogs. You can improve this with proper socialization.


Is Afador Friendly Towards Strangers?


If you don’t like to spend on treatments, or if you don’t like to get sued, put a notice outside your house or notify any visiting people about the potential danger so they don’t just barge in to avoid stories that touch.

The Afador dog is not accepting of strangers. Though we have seen cases where they interact better with strangers, this was achieved through proper socialization.

As small puppies, show them to people, let them see faces, hear sounds, hear people interact, and let them play a bit with strangers. You need to keep this in check as you won’t want a dog that easily follows people around, as they can start wondering.


The Afador Dog breed history


The Afador Dog breed became more popular in the last decade. It was first bred in Alaska in the 2000 s. It is a perfect combination of two of the oldest dog breeds:

The Afghan Hound (believed to have been around before the Christian era) in all its grace, The golden retriever, with its alluring beauty and intelligence, is the perfect pet. You will find them kind and loveable.


When the Afador was first bred, it was a combination of the Afghan hound and the labrador retriever, but many breeders used the second generation of Afadors to breed the Afador. As a result, there are inconsistencies or no guarantees about the characteristics your Afador pups will have.


Strong, protective, friendly, and confident like the Afador. A popular guide dog that loves to work and play. Afador loves to retrieve random small animals as their genes do kick in. They are not registered in the AKC as pure breeds but are registered as sporting and hound dogs. as they love sports and outdoor activities.

What Is the Price Of an Afador Puppy?

The price of an Afador puppy may vary from country to country. If the breed is not in your country you may be importing it, which comes with additional costs. The Afador puppy will cost you $500 – $1200.

We advise you don’t buy but adopt. If you must buy, you have to thoroughly investigate the breeder and ensure his practices are with the AKC standards. You don’t want to buy a poorly bred dog who will keep falling ill.


Afador Feeding


An ideal diet for the Afador is a formulation for a very active medium-breed dog. It is best to ensure your dog doesn’t overfeed as it could cause bloating, and several other health issues, especially if the dog is not getting the right amount of exercise.


As your Afador traverses through the stages of its life, from a puppy to an adult, its dietary needs will also change. There are variations in the dietary needs of dogs. It is best to ask your vet for the right amounts of vitamins and minerals for your dog.

You could always start feeding your Afador with a high-quality kibble of 1.5 to 2.5 cups daily.


Training with Afador


The Afador dog breed is strong-willed Like every other dog with this trait, Early socialization is important to reduce their uneasiness towards strangers. A typically independent and assertive breed, if training is properly conducted,

It is a highly intelligent breed that listens to instructions with minimal repetition. For first-time dog owners, You would like to invest in a dog trainer because you are dealing with a headstrong pooch.


What is the size of an Afador?


The Afador dog breed is a medium-sized breed, and when fully grown, its weight is 31–37 kg.

with its height of 20 – 29 inches. The female dogs are usuallyly smaller when compared to the male.


Afador dog Personality.


It is well suited for a home with lots of space to exercise and a family with older children: It is a highly spirited breed, which means it could knock over or injure smaller kids when playing.

A very loyal dog requires experience in training. It can be a bit tricky to train as Its innate intelligence and stubborn nature would always kick in. When a stranger approaches, it will bark to alert you. Afadors are known for their tracking, retrieving, police work, narcotics detection, sledding, hunting, and herding abilities.


Afador Dog Breed Guide

Concerns about health


The Afador is considered to be a very healthy dog. Although it is susceptible to illness from its parents, It is also good practice to schedule regular visits with the dog’s vet.


Common health problems include:



Subaortic Stenosis

Dysplasia of the Elbow and Hip



Afador’s Care


Your dog would benefit from a good 45–55 minutes of exercise per day. Your athletic Afador would love to play fetch and folic in an environment where you could safely keep it off-leash, N.B: This dog can easily leap over a six-foot fence.


Check and clean your dog’s ears weekly. This would enable you to avert any risk of wax buildup. Find out from your vet the best way to clean your dog’s ears. When necessary, clip their nails. The nails should not be clicking against the floor.


When developing a care routine for your dog, always ensure you keep up with regular veterinary check-ups. This would keep your dog healthy.




The Afador dog breed commonly has a black, brown, fawn, and grey coats. Shedding will occur. The Afador would require a lot of grooming to keep Its coast in good condition–twice a week would do the trick.

Get ready for the looming shampoo section. Your vet could help you make a choice. The Afador would cope better in colder climates than in warm or hot ones. You should still wear your Afador with a winter coat in case of a drop in temperature.



Life Expectancy


The Afador dog lifespan is 9 to 12 years. Medium breeds outlive the bigger breeds.

Within those 12 years, the Afador would have become an indispensable family member, who would have created a lot of beautiful memories with you.


Conclusion On Afador Dog Breed


This is a lovely dog to add to your family. They could be difficult for new parents. However, who doesn’t want a loyal companion?

You will easily be able to cater for the dogs needs with experience. We ask our readers to train and exercise their dogs always. A dog that is thought stimulating activities tends to show better characters.

Let us know your thoughts below.


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