10 Smells That Dogs Hate – Effective Dog Repellents

Smells that dogs hate

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell that is more than 10,000 times as sensitive as a human’s. Smells that dogs hate, from skunks to mothballs, are very effective in repelling a dog from doing things in a certain place you don’t want them to. Dogs can sniff just about anything out and be repelled or excited by it.

In this blog post, we will explore 10 common smells that dogs hate and how you can use them for your own purposes—training your dog on how not to pee in certain places, and more!

10 Effective smells dogs hate

Smells That Dogs Hate

We will work you through the smells that dogs hate. You can find most of these around your home or they are easy to access.

Ground spice:

The sensitive sense of smell of dogs cannot be overstated, and ground spices are said to be effective in repelling dogs.Especially cayenne pepper and allspice, and cinnamon.

With my direct test of using ground spices, I found out they produce a smell dogs hate, but this is not a long-term plan. They fizzle off after a while or cause the dogs to sneeze or experience some sort of discomfort which they get over with time.


Vinegar has an unpleasant odor that some people dislike, and your pet is no exception.They contain a non-toxic ingredient, acetic acid. This acid is a natural product of fermentation and has proven to be an effective way to keep dogs off gardens and furniture.

Mix vinegar in water in a ratio of 1:3 and spray around places you don’t want your dogs to go. Vinegar is proven to be a strong part of the smell that dogs hate.

Chlorine and ammonia

These two compounds are some of the most common ingredients you will find in household cleaners. When I cleaned up after my dog in its early weeks with me, I found the smell of this compound repulsive. With my dog’s reaction and the way it stays away immediately after I clean, I found out that chlorine and ammonia are among the smells that dogs hate.

However, don’t use this on your dog’s crate as you will make your dog hate going to its crate. Many people have reported that using a repellent on the dog’s crate will lead to regression in any progress you’ve made in crate training your dog.

Beauty care items

There are some beauty products that contain smells that dogs hate, but most of these smells don’t hang around for long. It is, however, an ineffective long-term plan. It could only hamper the pharmacy that your dog may have with you at a given time.

The smell of nail polish is not only a smell dogs hate, it’s also abrasive to our nostrils. You should be careful not to touch the dogs’ noses with this product, as you can irritate their olfactory sense.

Neem oil

This oil is found in most pesticides and even in skincare products. This is a strong smell that dogs hate. Dogs don’t get around any place you’ve placed or sprayed things that contain neem oil.

funny how neem oil is also used to repel ticks and fleas from dogs’ ears.If neem oil is used in repelling fleas from a dog’s ears and body, how is it still part of smells that dogs hate? The quantity is what determines the effect of the oil on the dog; if it’s going to give off enough smell dogs hate.

Citrus fruits

Not all dogs will be repelled by citrus fruits. To test if your dog hates the smell of citrus, peel a lemon or orange around the dog and it’s expected for the dog to get up and leave. If not, it’s not a repellent for your dog.

To back up these claims, some videos have been shared in social space proving that citrus is amongst the smells that dogs hate. As soon as they perceive it, they put up funny reactions.

If your dog hates the smell of citrus, you can grind its peel and keep sprinkling it around areas where you don’t want your dog to pee, poop, or go.


You’ve dressed to kill and you wear that luxury perfume of yours. Your dog may not be your number one admirer as, if the pungent aromatic smell from your cologne affects its senses in any way, it’ll steer clear of you. I have had a few times when my dog stayed away from me just because of an ordinary antiperspirant.

Some perfumes can be hard on both you and the dog. If you wear your dog a perfume that is harsh on its senses, it may go outside and keep rubbing its body on the ground to get rid of those smells that dogs hate.


Mothballs are not only effective for moths and other clothing and book-destroying c**ts. They are very effective in keeping dogs away. They can also be very toxic for your dog, so you have to prevent any case of ingestion as much as possible.

Get creative with the placements. You could wrap them in a cloth to give off the smells that dogs hate while also not causing direct harm to your dogs.


Alcohol irritates a dog’s respiratory system. I will never advise you to use alcohol as a means of keeping your dogs away from certain areas. Vodka spirits produce smells that dogs hate.

Chili pepper

With chili pepper, you won’t be concerned about smells that dogs hate; you’ll be more worried about the nearest vet clinic to visit. Chilli pepper in ground form or when being used to cook gives of smells dogs hate, and could lead to serious and violent sneezing sessions in the dog.

What scent will keep away dogs?

There are certain smells that dogs hate and will stay away from. One of these smells is citrus. Dogs seem to be particularly sensitive to the smell of citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges. Another smell that dogs dislike is vinegar. You can use vinegar as a dog repellent by spraying it on areas where you don’t want dogs to go.

These are just a few of the many smells that dogs hate and will stay away from. If you’re looking for an effective dog repellent, you may want to try one of these scents.

What smell do dogs hate to pee on?

It can be very frustrating if a dog pees on a rug. You need to dry clean it yourself, or get the services of a professional. It’s no different from when dogs pee in places you don’t want them to pee. It creates extra work for you.

The most effective of the smells that dogs hate to pee on is lemon juice. The acidic nature of this juice could irritate and repel a dog from getting around an area where it’s sprayed. I have personally used this, mixing it with vinegar. Just in case you want to know if your dog hates smells, try this out and see.

The smell your dog hates to pee on is not restricted to just lemon juice. If the solution above didn’t work wonders, you could include coffee grounds and cayenne pepper.

Smell Dogs Hate

What smell do dogs hate to poop on?

It is easier to stop a dog from peeing with the smells that dogs hate, as listed above. If you have trained a dog, you’ll find out it’s very hard to convince a dog to change its pooping spot.

You may have to try different combinations of smells that dogs hate to get the particular one that will work for your dog.

Why is smell essential for training dogs?

Smells are essential for training dogs because they help the dog associate a particular behavior with a particular scent. For example, if a dog is trained to sit when it smells lavender, it will learn to associate the smell of lavender with the behavior of sitting. This can be a very effective way to train a dog.

However, there are some smells that dogs hate. These smells can be used as repellents to keep dogs away from areas where they are not welcome. Common smells that dogs hate include citrus, vinegar, and mint. Dogs also dislike the smell of tobacco and some perfumes.

Using a repellent with one of these smells can be an effective way to keep dogs away from an area. It is important to use the repellent in moderation, however, as too much of any smell can be overwhelming for a dog.

How to Make a Dog Repellent At Home

There are many different recipes for homemade dog repellents. Most of them include ingredients that are known to repel dogs, such as vinegar, lemon juice, and citronella oil.

To make a dog repellent at home, mix together equal parts vinegar and water. Add a few drops of lemon juice or citronella oil to the mixture. Spray the repellent around the perimeter of your yard, on doorways and windows, or anywhere else you want to keep dogs out.

You can also try sprinkling cayenne pepper around your property. Dogs dislike the smell of cayenne pepper, so this may help to keep them away. Just be sure to keep the pepper away from areas where children or pets play, as it can irritate their skin and eyes.

Why do dogs pee on trees and fire hydrants?

There are a few reasons why dogs might pee on trees and fire hydrants. One reason is that they are marking their territory. When a dog pees on something, they are leaving its scent behind. This helps to keep other dogs away from their territory.

Another reason why dogs might pee on trees and fire hydrants is that they are attracted to the scent of other dogs. When another dog pees on something, it leaves its scent behind. This can attract other dogs to the area.

Finally, some dogs just enjoy the act of peeing on things. They might find it enjoyable or satisfying to relieve themselves on objects like trees and fire hydrants. Whatever the reason, it is clear that dogs have a variety of reasons for peeing on things.

Essential oil dogs hate

These oils are toxic to your dogs, according to the AKC. Ensure you don’t let your gods ingest these oils. They are even toxic when applied to the dogs’ skins at times.

Penny Royal oil

Lemongrass oil

Wintergreen oil

Ylang Ylang oil

Citrus oil

Peppermint oil

Sweetbirch oil

Tea tree (melaleuca) oil

Cinnamon oil

Final thoughts on the smell that dogs hate

We have come to the end of our exploration of the smells that dogs hate. Most of the things I have written are things I have tried or I’m still using. I hope you find the right smells that dogs hate with this article.


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