Resolving Corgi Puppy Floppy Ears: Healthy Puppy Treats

Corgi Puppy Floppy Ears

When our dogs are healthy and we have no issues grooming them, we then begin to worry about other things, like our corgi puppy floppy ears.

Corgis are stout-looking dogs who got their physique from their cattle-herding history. Beautiful dogs with a huge celebrity status online. Most of the time, nature may get uneven and we may have our corgi ears flop.

How can we resolve this issue? What could possibly be causing this? Let’s find out.

Why are my corgi ears still floppy?

Except your dog is over 8 months old, this is barely a thing to worry about. Corgi ears stand up after some weeks or months. Usually, the corgi’s ears stand up anywhere from 5 weeks to 8 months.

A newly born corgi ears can be considered floppy since they drop flat. As they grow, these ears begin to stand. Sometimes, one ear will stand before the other.

A corgi with an upright ear can have its ears flop during teething. When dogs lose their baby teeth for their adult teeth, their ears usually flop. Their jaw muscles are connected with their ear muscles.

A corgi puppy floppy ears will also be caused by a lack of proper calcium administration. Most of us just feed our dogs. We don’t take into consideration the amount of nutrients they would be needing and how we could integrate and balance the intake of these nutrients.

Excessive administration of calcium can lead to hypercalcemia (when there is a high level of calcium in the blood). This will cause your dog to have a loss of appetite, and frequent urination and could cause your dog to develop kidney stones. You won’t want to treat a perceived issue ( corgi puppy floppy ears) by creating another (hypercalcemia).

When will my corgi ears stand up?

Your corgi ears will stand upright by 8 months of age. If your corgi ears don’t stand by 9 months old, it is very much possible that they may not stand again. This is, however, in very rare cases.

You should expect your corgi puppy’s ears to start standing as early as 5 to 15 weeks, or to have fully stood when your corgi puppy is done with teething.

Some corgi puppies develop an upright ear at a very late age. Some corgi puppies can start to have erect ears at 5 to 15 weeks. This is relative to individual dogs.

Your corgi ears might be prevented from standing upright when they are teething. Unlike humans, during this period of the dog’s life, most of its calcium intake is directed at its teeth. This then takes a toll on the ears, as calcium is also needed to get the corgi ears up.

Most dog owners at this point usually give yogurt to help their corgi puppy ears stand upright. It is known to contain calcium. Calcium in the correct quantities is helpful for the development of your corgi puppy.

Do corgi ears stay floppy?

When a corgi reaches maturity, it is very unusual for its ears to remain floppy. The American kennel standard requires the dog to have upright ears. Dogs that don’t have a standard appearance will not be allowed to participate in dog shows.

If you want your dog to participate in the shows, you’ll definitely be worried about this. The good news is that there are many ways to help aid the corgi ears in standing up. If your dog is still in the puppy stage, you can allow it to develop its standing ears naturally.

There are a few reports of corgi ears staying floppy forever. You can investigate the parents of the puppy you’re buying. You should expect your dog’s ear to stand. As corgi adults, floppy ears are not a steady occurrence.

Full grown corgi with floppy ears.

If your corgi has grown into an adult and yet still has a floppy ear, this doesn’t mean your dog is unhealthy or has a serious problem. This is caused by genetics or a lack of proper nutrients needed in its development.

It doesn’t detract from the beauty of this lovely dog with beautiful furs if you can’t get the corgi ears up as an adult. It’ll still look as cute as you’d love it to be. You’re probably worried that it may be ill, which isn’t the case. Show your dog as much affection as possible, as worrying about its ear progress may have you giving off bad energies.

Take the dog for a skate, take pictures, and enjoy the fun memories together.

How to make a Corgi ears stand up?

There are ways to help your corgi puppy floppy ears up. This includes provision of calcium and taping of the dog’s ear.


As discussed earlier, calcium is needed in good quantity at the early stage of the corgi’s life. This will ensure it develops its bones, teeth, and ears properly. Having the following in your dog’s food will boost their calcium levels.

Yoghurt–milk–cottage cheese

There is no guarantee that calcium will help the corgi ears up. This is standard practice, with little or no scientific data backing this claim. You could still provide a dog with enough calcium and it may not have erect ears. If you care so much about an upright ear, check with the parents of the puppy to know if everything is okay with them. before you buy it. It is usually better to adopt.

Corgi Puppy Floppy Ears Tapping

Most people will discourage you from tapping the corgi ears, citing inhumane fears. It is not inhumane to tape a corgi ears, especially when you are not using a duct tape. Duct tape will cause injuries to the dogs’ ears when you try to remove them. But it will last longer than masking tape.

How to Tape Your Corgi Ears

Before you think of tapping the corgi ears, you need masking tape and the dog has to be less than 17 weeks old. This procedure is meant to last for five days. If it doesn’t work, you repeat it for another five days.

You should begin by cleaning the dog’s ears. This will ensure a clean process as you won’t be tapping dirt on the dogs’ ears for five days.

Prepare the tape. You may want to cut them out and place them on a surface where you can easily reach them.

Get some treats for your dog; this treat will help occupy the dog’s mind and time while you tape their ears.

Sit the dog on your lap, give him some treats, then take the masking tape and cut out 10 inches. Roll this tape around the base of the corgi ear loosely. Repeat on the other ear, making sure you help the ears stay in an upright position.

After you have tapped the ears, you will make a bridge above the corgis’ head, holding the two ears together with a strip of tape. Leave it in this position for five days. The ears should stay in position.

Final thoughts on the Corgi Puppy Floppy Ears

As you have witnessed with your own eyes, your corgi is a lovely, energetic, cute dog. There is no cause for alarm if the Corgi puppy floppy ears don’t stand up yet; they’ll eventually stand up. If the ears don’t stand naturally, you can try the methods above.

Do you happen to have issues tapping it’s ear? Get in contact with us.

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