How fast do Australian shepherds run? 6 great activites for Aussies.

how fast do Australian shepherds runs e

If you’re a fan of the Australian shepherds, you already know that the Australian Shepherd dog breeds are known for their high energy and love of running. But how fast do Australian shepherds run? we’ll discover this in this post.

On average, Australian Shepherds can reach top speeds of up to 34-35 mph. However, there are even higher estimations. There are many reports of Australian Shepherds running faster than 40 mph, however, this working breed may not be able to keep this speed up for a long time, because of energy loss or overheating, they’re only animals after all.

How Fast do Australian Shepherds Run?

Australian Shepherds are fast runners. They run faster than the average dog breeds. Although there aren’t precise measurements, Australian Shepherds can generally reach speeds close to 35 mph. There are reports of Australian Shepherds going even faster. Some can even reach over 40 mph.

The Australian Shepherd was originally developed to herd livestock for ranchers and farmers in the western U.S., this means that the  Australian shepherds are bred to be working dogs, for athleticism and to be able to cover a lot of ground quickly.

The Australian Shepherd breed is known for having an unlimited amount of energy and stamina at its disposal and this makes them very hard to tire out and therefore, takes a lot of effort and energy for owners to make them stop. since the breed was developed as a sheep herding dog, naturally, they have grown to be very fast and active. They also need lots of physical activity and stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

Without some good exercise or at least good two hours of physical activity or playtime, an Aussie would become bored and even sad sometimes, which could lead to unnecessary barking, and destruction of good things in the home, whatever he can lay his hand or paw on. This is why we encourage owners to provide their Australian shepherds with a lot and enough exercise.

It is important for an owner to understand that these dogs were bred specifically for their work ethic and mental stamina. They will play and run around all day without tiring out when some other dog breeds would get tired after an hour or less.

How far can Australian shepherds run

The energetic Australian Shepherd may have the stamina for a 4 – 6 mile when running if he is in good health and has worked up to the distance, Aussies also love the trail and are always looking for logs to cross and rocks to climb. Well-conditioned Australian Shepherds may enjoy hiking up to 15 miles. The breed can be wary of strangers so proper socialization is important before taking an Aussie to the trail, whether running or hiking, Aussies are ready to go a long distance.

Do All Australian Shepherds Run Fast?

How fast do Australian shepherds run

Australian shepherds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like other dog breeds. but they are all considered astonishingly fast dogs. Many pieces of research place them on the list of the fastest dogs in the world. Australian Shepherds have speeds similar to other breeds, such as:

  • Border Collie
  • Dalmatian
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Whippet
  • Vizsla

There is no specific “standard” for the breed, but as a general rule, Australian shepherds are bred to be agile and fast runners. They were originally bred as working dogs, so they have the natural ability to cover a lot of ground quickly. That said, not all Australian shepherds are created equal, and each dog has its own physical attributes. how fast do Australian shepherds run totally depends, as Some may be faster than others, depending on their genes and how they’re bred and raised, the amount of exercise, and so on.

How Does the Breed’s History Affect Its Speed?

Australian Shepherds are bred for herding, so their running speed is essential for chasing down animals for their farmer-owners, and because he’s got the energy to burn, he needs a lot of physical activity or exercise, — a walk around the neighborhood won’t cut it, Nah that won’t do at all. At least a small yard to help him work out and flex his muscles can help.

Lacking a job to do, he becomes bored, destructive, and really loud, he might end up inventing his own job: herding the kids, either yours or the neighbors’ LOL, chasing cars or other animals; or taking your house apart.  this is why running at higher speeds and long distances is totally easy and possible for this dog breed

And if you’re interested in competitive dog sports, the Aussie’s the one. This agile, medium-sized dog with the docked tail is a top contender in all levels of obedience, agility, flyball, and herding tests. He’s also successful in such canine careers as a guide dog, hearing dog, assistance dog, police dog, and search and rescue work, this is because they’ve been bred to run long distances, so they’re able to cover a lot of ground quickly.

The breed’s propensity for running has even been passed down to their puppies, so if you’re looking for a fast dog that can keep up with you or the one you always want to keep up with, an Australian Shepherd may be the right choice for you.

Why Might an Australian Shepherd Need to Run Fast?

if nothing at all, Australian Shepherds were bred to herd livestock, so they naturally have a lot of energy and are very fast runners. They’re an agile breed, so naturally, they’re bound to always show this off.

An Australian Shepherd may need to run quickly for a number of reasons. For example, Herding livestock is an activity that requires incredibly good energy. Dogs that perform this task need to love being outdoors. if they’re trying to herd livestock, they need to be able to keep up with the animals.

secondly, Australian Shepherds’ legs are perfect as well. Like in human beings, having small legs is trouble for fast speeds. Generally, the bigger the legs, the better. Fortunately, Aussies have this feature. This helps a lot in their speed, the thing is even when they do not want to run fast, they really can’t help it, they are not built for slow running. If they’re playing with their family, they may need to run fast to keep up with the kids too.

Lastly, their body format plays a vital role in this activity as well. Aussies’ body shape is extremely aerodynamic. Displacing the air to reduce drag is very important to reach high speeds, so there’s absolutely less need to fret if they’re being chased by a predator, they can absolutely run as fast as they can to escape, not that any owner would desire this scenario for their lovely pet.

Can Your Australian Shepherd Run With You?

I personally do not like running, but I like to take my dog running from time to time, If you are physically active like your Aussie, you may still ask yourself if he is capable of running as you do. The answer is: oh yes, he is! maybe even much more. I know, it’s exciting.

your Aussie is a very active dog. In fact, in a scenario, where you take him to exercise and play in the park, it is more likely for you to get exhausted before he is. Taking your Aussie for a walk or running in the park is like a dream come true for him. Actually, he is even more interested in this kind of activity than you, no matter how physically active or outdoor-loving you think you are.

Your Australian shepherd is a fantastic company for any outdoorsy moment. If you want to play something that requires a lot of running with him, like frisbee throwing, that is perfect as well.

How fast do Australian shepherds run

What Other Activities Do Australian Shepherds Like?

Like other dogs, Australian Shepherd needs physical activity even more of it, because it’s what they were bred to do. The simplest way you can entertain your Australian Shepherd is with simple physical activities such as tug of war and playing fetch. They’re also known for being an extremely active breed that loves to play fetch and participate in other activities like agility trials, dock diving, and flyball.

Before I get into more ways you can keep your dog entertained, as a herding dog, they need to have a ton of energy to do the job, and if your dog is an indoor one, and he has no way to let out all of his energy, he will find other ways to spend his time. the need to keep your Aussie extra entertained and well-exercised cannot be over-emphasized.

The Australian shepherd is energetic and very athletic, this is why your Aussie is often super hyper all the time. If he has no way to let out all of his energy, he will find other ways to spend his time…Like chewing up your mattress, pillows, and even more valuable items like your Debit card, or your CV (lol ikr).

Also, a hyper dog can be a problem when you have guests over, they could be all over your guests, because of their cute nature, some guests won’t mind, but with others, a dog crowding their personal space could be a problem. Especially if you want your guests to enjoy your home. A simple way to fix that is with daily physical play with your Aussie.

1. play fetch;

Every time you throw your ball your dog is sprinting to retrieve the toy. It is sorta like doing wind sprints for your Aussie!. Plus, it can be more fun when you take your dog to a wide-open area like a public park. You can even run with your dog and make him chase you and the toy, this is a really great, simple, and typical exercise for any dog in fact. try to do this often even though of course you’ll get tired first before your Aussie.

2. take your dog swimming:

Behind playing fetch at the park, taking your dog for a swim is a close second in fun things to do. This can really get your Aussie huffing and puffing. This time, you could play fetch with your dogs in the water. Instead of running to retrieve a ball, they are swimming. As you know, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise because it works nearly every muscle in your body. This is a great activity to entertain your dog!

3. Take your Aussie Running with You, because it can!!

Do you like to run or is running something you would like to get into? Take your dog next time you decide to go. It gives your dog the opportunity to see the world and experience new things plus Australian shepherds love to run. This is a great way for both of you to burn off some energy and benefit your cardiovascular health.

Make sure you get the appropriate leash when you go running to avoid any accidents because your dog can begin to move too fast and we don’t want you to fall behind your dog now, do we?

4. Teach your Aussie New Tricks

As a pet owner, you should love learning new tricks to teach your dog and I am sure he loves learning new things as well. Teaching your dog new tricks is entertaining and a great way to keep him mentally sharp. Plus, nothing beats that rewarding feeling you get when you teach your Australian shepherd a new trick.

A good way to teach your buddy a new trick is to reward them when they do something good. This has been proven to work magic in helping dogs learn new things and behave well. Check out these Best Dog Treats for Training: Get Their Attention and Help Them Learn Fast. 

5. Play hide and seek

I am a true believer in playing hide and seek with both kids and dogs. This is beneficial on so many levels. Hide and seek can teach our dogs to constantly pay attention to us. This is great if we are out in public or if we take the dogs to the park. Losing us is impossible since it is ingrained in them Aussies to keep their eyes on us 24/7.

I highly recommend you play some sort of hide and seek game. you could do this when they’re not even looking, when and they least expect it. it is more fun that way.

6. You can also take him on bike rides, and hiking.

Don’t worry about him being tired. Australian Shepherds are capable of going through any endurance situation you can imagine. People bring their Aussies to activities such as hiking, climbing, and even adventures around entire continents!

Final thoughts

how fast do Australian shepherds run? the answer is “very fast”. well like we’ve established throughout this post, that Australian Shepherds are some of the fastest dogs on the planet. They’re bred for their athleticism and love of running, so it’s no surprise that they can reach top speeds in a matter of seconds.

Australian Shepherds are bred to herd livestock, so they have an instinctual need to run fast. They can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, that’s faster than most cars! making them one of the fastest dog breeds. If you’re looking for a pup who loves to run and play, an Australian Shepherd is definitely the right breed for you.

While they are great pets and love spending time with their families, they also enjoy running and playing outdoors. If you have an Australian Shepherd, be sure to give them plenty of opportunities to run and exercise. don’t be scared to go on adventures with your Aussie, they’ll be very excited to do any physical activity with you.


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