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German Shepherd terrier mix
The German Shepherd Terrier Mix is a friendly dog when compared with the German shepherd. They possess the terrier mix trait of being very energetic. They can also be very territorial, which could be an issue with other dogs. These dogs bring smiles and joy with their energetic bursts. If you’re the type that loves to cuddle a dog, know that they won’t like you to cuddle them for long.
If you can’t put in time and effort into exercising and training the German Shepherd terrier mix puppy, you shouldn’t buy it. They can be a handful, even when trained. How about when you don’t train them? The terrier mix trait may depend on how well you socialize them. This breed is best for dog owners with previous experience with dogs.
What is a terrier?
A terrier is any type of dog that has been bred to hunt pests and nuisance animals that destroy crops and spread diseases. The word “terrier” is a French word that means “burrow.” You shouldn’t be surprised to see these dogs digging burrows. The AKC recognizes 31 types of terrier dogs. A German Shepherd terrier mix is a combination of a purebred GSD and a terrier breed.
We will be spilling out all the information you need before you decide on getting a Shepherd terrier mix puppy.

What is the price of a German Shepherd Terrier Mix puppy?

A German Shepherd Terrier mix for sale will cost you from $400 to $3,000. The price at which you may be able to purchase the dog will be largely dependent on your country. In a country where the breed is commonly bred, you will be able to get it cheaper. It will cost you more if you have to import them.
You may not find a GSD terrier mix that has undergone genetic tests for cheap. A quality breeder will cost you more, as they will have spent a certain amount on providing all the necessary documents (eye and body tests). This will be added to the cost of the German Shepherd terrier mix for sale.
Do your research and learn about the breeder’s policies. Be sure that the breeder carried out proper health care. A quality dog will cost anywhere from $1200 to $3000.


What should you be expecting from this dog? A pleasant surprise. Understanding the dog and everything you can learn about it will help you decide if you’ll be adopting or buying one soon. The snouts of German shepherds and terriers are long and pointy, like their ears. Your Shepherd Terrier mix is going to have these qualities. They will also have long tails like the German shepherd and terriers.

What is the German Shepherd Terrier mix size?

Weight: The weight of a shepherd terrier is largely dependent on its parents. A shepherd terror will weigh anywhere from 65 pounds to 120 pounds. The exact weight outcome of the GSD mix can be very unpredictable. Given the fact that it is a mixture of two different breed types, it is possible for it to come out either larger or smaller. A German shepherd mixed with a Jack Russell will produce puppies who can’t weigh more than 94 lbs., while a German shepherd mixed with a pit bull can weigh slightly above 120 lbs.
Height: The height, just like the weight, is dependent on the dog used in breeding. It usually measures 23 to 33 inches. The males are usually larger than the females. The puppy will inherit either or both of its parents’ genes in this section, but don’t expect them to grow as big as the German Shepherd. A non-scientifically proven method of determining the extent to which the dog will grow is by checking its feet at birth. If its feet are tiny, it won’t grow into a big dog.
coat color German terriers can have different colors of coats; the tan color of GSD, for example, or black. The fur could be brown, blue, black, white, pale, or red.

Are shepherd terrier mix family dogs?

They have no problems integrating with the family. They should have no problem with the kids as they could be big enough to withstand some kids’ play and pounces. We mentioned earlier that the German Shepherd terrier mix is protective, and they may protect your children from other children who they perceive to be threats to your children.
If your kids are having a quarrel with other kids, try stepping in before the terrier mix traits kick in. The German Shepherd terrier mix will do better with older kids. They are generally friendly to the family. Early socialization as pups is key.

Are Shepherd terrier mix good with other dogs?

The German Shepherd terrier mix will do fine with other dogs in the family if they grow up with them together. They may be able to get along with new dogs if they are socialized early enough. It is important to note that, despite any early socialization, they still wouldn’t be able to share the same space with a cat. Terriers are prey animals, and small household pets, such as cats, are always perceived as prey. They will chase the cats whenever they see them anywhere. This will also apply to bunnies if you have any.
If you are going to acquire a German Shepherd terrier mix, you should consider this cat and small pet factor.

The Temperament of a German Shepherd Terrier Mix

The shepherd terrier mix can be very territorial and protective. They are fearless and can jump on dogs bigger than they are. However, these are very intelligent dogs that can be easily trained by experienced dog owners. A German Shepherd terrier mix traits will depend on which parent’s gene it inherited the most.
German Shepherds are highly intelligent dogs that learn quickly. There are high chances that your terrier mix may possess this trait. There is also a chance that the dog will respond slowly to training. Dogs are individuals and will act differently.
A very devoted dog to its owner, energetic and intuitive. The GSD terrier mix needs loads of mental stimulation and socialization to thrive. If not socialized, it will be aggressive toward strangers and may develop behavioral problems. You should also cater to his exercise needs, as a German Shepherd terrier mix that doesn’t get enough exercise will resort to the destruction of things around it.
Great training with the dog’s beloved treats will provide the dog with the necessary mental stimulation it needs to stay happy. These terries are friendly dogs when socialized and adequately catered for. This is why we recommend an experienced dog owner for this breed. The terrier mix traits are the result of the early development of your dog and the genes that took over.

What are the food requirements of the shepherd terrier mix?

Like any other active dog with high energy levels, the German Shepherd Terrier mix requires food high in protein and fat. If you are unsure of what to feed your puppy, you should continue with the meal the breeder was feeding your dog. You can gradually introduce other meals, such as our puppy treats. A good diet from the onset will help ensure that they don’t develop some health issues that are common with German shepherds(hip dysplasia).
The cost of feeding a German Shepherd Terrier mix may cost up to $10 to $30 per day. A can of chicken and barely ranges from $9-$30 depending on the product you’re buying. You can gradually train your dog to eat what you eat, but ensure they still get their micronutrients and their diet is balanced. You still have to include canned meals with these nutrients from time to time.

Health Issues

Like most other dogs, it’s less costly and easier to detect most of the diseases that will affect them as they age. while they are still puppies. The first and foremost step before acquiring a puppy is to ensure that the breeder has carried out proper health checks for most of the common related illnesses for this breed.
Let us explore the diseases that could strike at any time in the life of your German Shepherd Terrier mix.

Hip dysplasia

Dogs with hip dysplasia suffer a lot of discomfort and pain. This problem can be solved if the problem is noticed on time. Hip dysplasia is a result of the hip ball and socket grinding and rubbing against each other instead of sliding smoothly. This would eventually lead to the loss of that joint after a while of deterioration. Most times,
Hip dysplasia in dogs is, most of the time, hereditary and may not be avoided. Early detection is critical for cure or management. While excessive growth and weight loss in some dog breeds can cause hip dysplasia, this is not always the case. You have to be intentional about the food you give your dog.

degenerative myopathy disease.

It is a disease that plagues the German shepherd, but it has been reported less frequently in the German Shepherd terrier mix. It is a disease affecting the spine where paralysis of the hind limb progresses slowly. One of the major symptoms is the degeneration of the white matter in the spinal cord.
Dental disease
Your dog is more likely to have a dental disease as a result of the buildup of tartar. Over 80% of dogs develop dental diseases by the age of 2. German Shepherds are generally susceptible to dental diseases. Proper hygiene and care for the dogs’ teeth are necessary to avoid infection of the root teeth and gums.
  • Cancer and epilepsy are two other illnesses to be aware of.
  • Heart disease
  • Thyroid disorder
  • Pannus
  • Von Willebrand’s disease
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Panosteitis
Before you buy a dog, understand that you need to be able to take care of it. It’s a new family member, and it should get all the checkups it deserves.

How to groom a German Shepherd terrier mix dog

While grooming your dog, there are key areas you should pay attention to. Some of these tasks are meant to be carried out daily, but we understand it can be draining for you, or you may not be able to keep up.
Clipping the dogs’ nails is necessary for both you and the dog. The terrier mix traits include the urge to always play and chase. This means that if you let their nails grow to the point where they start clicking on the floor, the dog could get injured. You can also get injured while playing with the dog.
Dental care
Periodontal disease is a dangerous gum infection that harms the gums and the jawbone’s health. Periodontitis is a common condition that can be avoided. The most common cause is inadequate dental hygiene. Periodontitis is a condition that can result in tooth loss. It raises the risk of heart and lung problems.
To avoid the development of any dental disease, proper oral hygiene is necessary. It is advised that you brush your canine teeth daily. If you can’t keep up, you can do it 3–4 times weekly.
The cute German Shepherd terrier mix has a double coat. They are likely to shed a lot. You should note that the coat won’t need trimming as you will tamper with how the dog regulates its temperature in extreme weather. You should brush your dog four times a week. This will reduce the amount of hair it’ll leave around the house.
You should bathe your dog with a good shampoo. It is recommended that you bathe your dog once every two weeks or every month. It is a sin to let your dog go beyond 3 months without a bath. Trim the hairs around the ear so they don’t trap moisture or dirt that could cause ear infections.

Training tips

Early socialization can’t be overemphasized. Consider socialization as the first point of training. Socialization ensures your puppy grows into a lovely dog. They will be hostile to dogs, children, and strangers if they are not properly socialized. Every dog responds greatly to training when taught with great treats. even the slow-learning English bulldog.
Train your dogs in environments void of distractions. This will increase the chance of a high response rate. Key areas are house, crate, leash, socialization, command, and obedience training. Training doesn’t only give you control over the activities of the dog, it also helps stimulate the mental health of the dog.
If you have the time, you can come up with a new trick at each training. You can register for a puppy class if you won’t be able to meet up.

More about the German Shepherd terrier mix for buyers

Are these breeds easy to find?

German Shepherd terrier mix are not easy to find. A GSD can only mix with a certain number of terriers. You will rarely find a shepherd terrier mix from accidental litters. Hence, the cost of a Shepherd terrier mix may be high.
They are susceptible to the illness of both parents. It is good practice to ask for the particular terrier in the mix. Apart from illness, the terrier mix traits will also be dependent on this factor.
They are very energetic dogs and will require walks daily. at least twice daily. If you’re not up to the task, you can hire a dog walker to help you out.

Final thoughts

German Shepherd terrier mixes are lovely dogs to have amongst your family. However, these dogs demand a lot of physical and mental effort from you. This is why we recommend an experienced dog owner. With proper socialization, you’ll have little to no issues with your dog’s conduct. Remember to adopt and not to buy.,

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