Why Does My Dog Lick Other Dog Ears, Privates, Face, Muzzle + How To Stop

dog lick other dog

Why will my dog lick other dog ears, faces, privates, and muzzles? Different types of dog licking serve as proof that dogs have emotions, just like humans do.

A unique sign that your dog has encountered happiness or is very excited is: licking other dogs’ faces. Dogs will sometimes lick faces during rough play too—especially if they’re the boss and assert their dominance.

Seeing your dog lick other dog may not sit well with you and you may be looking to Understand why your dog does this, or maybe generally inquisitive about why a dog would lick another dog. there are two main reasons why your dog will lick other dogs; natural behavioral reasons, and medical reasons.

Reasons why your dog lick other dog

The natural reasons Why your dog lick other dog ears, faces, and muzzles may include.

  • How a puppy may be alerting the mum of its famished status.
  • Instigation of play
  • A show of affection/bonding
  • As an act of paying respect

How a puppy may be alerting the mum of its famished status.

A puppy would usually lick on its mum’s face to pass a message that they are famished. this attitude of dogs licking their mum’s face to alert them that they are hungry can be traced back to the way the animals live in the wild. dogs and wolves most times move in Packs, But when they deliver, they leave their kids in a den.

the mother of the puppies rejoins the pack and hunts for some food. if they are successful in their Hunt, she will get to eat enough and head back to the Den where she will meet her pups who will lick her face signaling ” I’m famished, what did you bring for me?” She will then regurgitate some of what she had eaten for them.

This is not limited to the wild alone, dogs that have been domesticated make use of these techniques to inform their mum about their famished status.

if you have new pups who had just been delivered recently, before they get used to coming to you when they need food, you will notice them instinctively licking their mum’s face to request food when hungry.

Instigating plays

There are numerous ways your dog can instigate play, the leap-leap, general movement, approach and withdraw, face painting, and licking.

If your dog lick other dog’s face, be it a new dog he is just seeing, or an old dog that has been around the house — it is just a subtle sign of stating that he is available to play.

Show of affection

Oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine are associated with bonding and affection. When a dog exercises their brain releases endorphins which keep them happy and positive.

When a dog Exercises in a form of playing with another dog, and also when a dog lick other dog, their brains release oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamines which has been a way of encouraging continual pack unity and bond in the wild and also amongst domesticated dogs.

This extends to us humans according to Dr. Marta Vieira of petable.care, when we pet our dogs, serotonin and dopamine are released, and if we stare into the eyes of a dog we know, oxytocin is released.

Act off paying respect

It is regular to see a dog lick other dog as an act of respect. The way they lick other dogs when they are trying to pay respect is easily notable; they usually do this by coming from under the chin of the other dog they wish to respect and licking their face.

This gesture is very pivotal in protecting pack harmony in the wild. A dog’s way of saying it intends no harm and acceptance of being a subordinate.

If the other dog reciprocates the gesture; it’s a way of saying: ” I agree you mean no harm”. Beautiful, isn’t it? This method is confirmed true, if you have two dogs in your house observe and see what goes on between them.

Why do dogs lick other dog ears?

A dog will generally lick everything it could come across, this may feel gross to you at times, like when your dog licks other dog’s anal sack. Dogs will also enjoy licking floors where food particles had fallen. Let’s head straight to the answers you need.

A dog will lick other dog ears to greet them( more like when we say: “hi”, or ” hello”.). Some dogs enjoy the taste of ear wax which will cause them to lick other dogs’ ears. Lack of activity — being bored can also get your dog licking the ears of another dog.

There is more to this, let me give you more detailed insights on why your dog indulges in this act.

Dogs are attracted to the taste of infected ears( they generally love tasting though)

Asides from the usual puppy greeting ear-licking, a dog who is attracted to the taste of an infected ear will lick more deeply and keep on returning for its treat.

Dogs love tasting salts as some studies have reiterated. The dogs ear will be salty as it produces bodily fluids, asides the bodily fluids, if the dog is having a floppy ear, it can be more prone to infections such as yeast, ear mites, and earwax e.t.c

Some daredevils who have tasted the human earwax, affirm that it has a bitter taste. The question is; what is it about this bitter taste that your dog is loving?

The taste your dog gets when it is licking another dog with earwax is beyond just the bitter, it is a candy whose ingredients include the dirt debris, the salty ear, and the bitter waxed ear. Gross!

I’m trying not to puke, as I stated earlier, a dog with a floppy ear is susceptible to ear infections that produce pus at times. There is something about the texture of an infected ear, the sight, and the taste that excites and interests the dog. Let’s end it here.

Your dog may just be trying to groom the other dog.

Unlike other house pets such as felines who can gracefully groom themselves by using their paws to reach for their eyes, ears, and many spots on their body, dogs haven’t gotten the memo yet.

A dog will certainly enjoy the help it can get from not only we humans, but from other dogs, to access areas it can’t easily reach. So, when a dog licks another dog’s ears, he could be helping to from the other dog.

In as much as this sounds loving, you should note that a moist or closed-up area is a breeding ground for infection just like the bulldog tail pocket. Your dog may be helping to create a conducive environment for yeast and bacteria infections.

Is your dog bored?

As we always suggest in our dog breed information, it is great to tire out your dogs with pulsating exercises, when your dogs are physically and mentally engaged, they are less likely to get into problems.

A bored dog will stroll around looking for what to lick, sniff or play with. Each time a dog plays with another dog, endorphins are released — this makes them feel happy. Your dog may be looking for happiness by trying to instigate the other dog to play.

Aid your dog is left idle and bored, chances are; it could sniff and possibly start licking the other dog’s ear.

An obsessive licking habit

This is a rare condition that plagues dogs. A dog with an intent to lick objects, himself, or other dogs compulsively may be struggling with this condition.

In a few index cases reported, the dogs have been noted to lick the floor, irons, sofa, and most times, stare into empty spaces, like it’s looking at an object. This condition can make a dog lick another dog.

How can you stop your dog from licking other dogs’ ears?

You may want to curtail this behavior early enough, so it doesn’t transform into bigger issues. First of all, you should have understood “why” from our guide above, which will make it easier for you to provide a perfect solution.


Making use of homemade or commercial dog treats can help you train your dog to understand The “leave it” command. If your dog gets accustomed to this command, you can easily use it to stop your dog from licking other dogs’ ears.

Asides from baring your dog from enjoying his fetish desires, this command will be very useful all through the training process and life of your dog.

Here is a video that will help you learn how to get your dog trained to obey the leave it command.

Use a puzzle mat or a fun feeder bowl to channel the urge that will make your dog lick other dog ears.

These puzzle mats or fun feeder bowls are not straightforward for the dogs, they have to lick through the nooks and cracks. This is super effective. Don’t forget we stated that ear licking could be caused by boredom. How about providing an interesting activity?

For dogs who don’t like toys, this is the perfect option to try as the puzzle mat is in between a toy and a food tray. This will help to turn the appeal for other dogs’ ears into something more fun.


Why does my dog lick my other dog’s muzzle?

Let’s talk about possible triggers to why your dog licks other dog’s muzzle. One reason could be that your dog is trying to show submission or deference to the other dog.

Licking is a submissive gesture in the canine world, and by licking the other dog’s muzzle, your dog is essentially saying “I’m not a threat.” A dog who is thrilled by the taste of other dogs, will lick other dogs. Dogs have extremely sensitive noses that can pick up numerous smells. Some dogs simply enjoy the smell and taste of another dog’s muzzle, and there’s no harm in that.

Your cute dog may just be trying to strengthen its bond with the other dog. Dogs are social creatures, and they often show their love and affection for one another through licking. If your dog lick other dog’s muzzle, it’s likely because he or she simply enjoys spending time with the other dog and wants to show affection.

At the puppy stage, your dog will lick its mother’s muzzle in a way that portrays it’s asking for her care, it wants to suck some tits or stuff. When they start consuming solid food, they’ll still repeat this act; asking their mum to give them some of her semi-digested food.

Without proper socialization training, this will further make your dog suck up to other dogs. A shy dog will lick another dog’s muzzles as a way of stating clearly his place of subordination.

How should you react to this?

You are going to help your dog build its confidence, by giving it social skills. If you have other dogs with mild temperaments or a friend’s dog, you can introduce your dog to the other dogs.

Another fun thing you can do is to teach them the shake paws command, this will equally help in the bonding process. You can enroll your dog in special training sections to enable him to develop better social skills.

Why does my dog lick other dogs’ privates?

Asides from the gross sight when a dog licks other dog ears’ wax, you may also notice odd habits of your dog licking other dogs’ privates. This doesn’t mean your dog has developed an abnormal sexual habit, so why does your dog lick other dogs’ privates?

Greeting and knowing the other dog

You may have learned that dogs don’t sweat. They pant regularly to cool themselves off and regulate their temperature. Dogs have sweat glands around their privates which produce pheromones.

Pheromone can cod a lot for a dog, asides from the fact that it would help a dog calm down during stress and anxiety attacks, it relays information about a dog’s age, level of sexual sensitivity, health, mood, and a whole lot more information.

The privates of dogs have sweat glands that produce pheromones, your dog lick other dogs’ privates to get information about those dogs — further, it’s a way of saying “hi”. This is an acceptable biological act of dogs.

The other dog may have a health challenge

When your dog lick other dogs’ privates, it is an indication of underlying health issues. We know very well that dogs are intelligent animals, they have a strong sense of smell, and taste, and some people will talk about their spiritual senses.

This is why they are used in a large aspect of the law regulation department; to sniff out cocaine, detect mines, and a whole lot more.

They could sometimes tell the presence of illness in another dog by sniffing and licking their privates since the pheromones are non-verbal ways of getting information.


Dogs could get so curious: this is why they will lick things around them, just to get the taste and just to find out what it is.

Your dog may just be licking the other dog’s genitals in other to find out how it tastes. So, if it’s the first time you’re noticing this, it could fall into this category. They are just curious about what the other dogs’ privates taste like.


How to stop my dog licking other dogs privates

You should only apply this fix if your dog licking other dogs’ privates becomes excessive. Otherwise, this is purely a social act and means no bad. You can stop your dog from licking other dogs’ privates by sprinkling water on them or teaching them the ” stop” or “enough” commands.

Sprinkling water

You can get your dog to stop licking other dogs’ privates by sprinkling water on him. You can get a water bottle, and make a little hole on the cap with a nail or a driller. Then sprinkle when necessary.

Ensure you dry your dog clean with a towel, moisture encourages the development of infection. Especially if it’s a bulldog whose tail pocket could easily pick up an infection or a pup with floppy ears.

Teach the dog the “enough” or “stop” command.

A puppy will eventually know this is not an acceptable practice if you keep using the “enough” and “stop” commands. It makes your training more effective, you could use dog treats that could help in training.

Frequently asked questions on why a dog lick other dogs.

Does Gender Matter When It Comes To Ear Licking?

Gender doesn’t matter in anyway when it comes to ear licking. You dogs, both male and female will lick other dogs ears if they find it appealing

Why does my dog lick my cat’s ears?

There are a few reasons why your dog may be licking your cat’s ears. The first is that they simply enjoy the taste. Dogs have very sensitive noses and can pick up on all sorts of different smells, including those that come from the ear wax of other animals.

Another possibility is that your dog is trying to clean your cat’s ears.

Your dog may be just showing affection to your cat in a way that they know-how Whatever the reason, it’s clear that dogs and cats can form strong bonds with one another, even if they don’t always understand each other perfectly!

why does my male dog lick my other male dogs privates?

This behavior is more common in males than females. A make dog will lick other male dogs’ private parts out of curiosity or sexual arousal.

Why do dogs lick each other after fighting?

dogs lick each other after fighting to show that they are no longer a threat. This is similar to how humans shake hands after fighting. Also, they help each other nurse their wounds after the fights.


Final thoughts on Why my Dog lick other dogs.

We hope this article has given you some insights into why your dog lick other dogs’ ears, privates, faces, and muzzles.

If you’re concerned about your dog’s licking behavior, talk to your veterinarian. They can help you determine if there’s an underlying medical condition that’s causing the licking or if it’s just a behavioral issue.

In most cases, the licking can be managed with proper training and positive reinforcement. With a little patience and effort, you can help your dog learn to curb their licking habits.


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