Affenhuahua Dog Breed Facts and Information

Affenhuahua Dog Breeds

What is an affenhuahua?

The Affenhuahua is a petite mixed dog, a cross between an Affenpinscher and a chihuahua. The Affenhuahua dog breed is boisterous and energetic puppies who inherited their good genes from both parents. They are sometimes called “affen chi” (which sounds like Chinese), but they originated in America, in this article, we’ll learn more about the Affenhuahua Dog Breed Facts and Information.

The Affenhuahua dog is perfect for an apartment . With their laughable size, your dog is a territorial pup. They would alert you to any impending danger. This breeds are very affectionate dogs. They will love you unconditionally.

Affenhuahua is a designer toy breed created for aesthetic purposes. They usually have a round head, and their snouts are short. The Affenhuahua are bred to have two main coats: darker tones of brown and dark grey.

Like with every other breed, training is essential! These toy dogs require moderate grooming as they are hypoallergenic. They are the best playful companions for your home, as they can cope with younger kids.

Affenhuahua Dog Breeds

Affenhuahua Dog Breeds definitely doesn’t like looking at you.


The Affenhuahua dog bread sprang from the combination of a chihuahua and an affenpinscher. The affenpinscher originated from Germany, while the chihuahua originated in Mexico in the 5th century. The chihuahua was bred as a symbol of affluence.

The Affenpinscher and the chihuahuas are both recognized by the American Kennel Club, but the Affenhuahau is yet to be recognized. This breed first began to appear in America in the 21st century. Just like the chihuahua was bred for affluence, the Affenhuahua is bred primarily for aesthetic purposes (a sweet lapdog).


The following are the basic characteristics to consider when getting a dog: Some dogs are really cute, but will they be a great match for your home? Let’s find out.

Is an Affenhuahua affectionate with his family?

The Affenhuahua is an affectionate dog with lots of love to share around the family. They will always look like puppies Affenhuahua all their lives (haha), and you will always find them cute. They love to share your moments. This little dog loves to be the center of everything too.

easy for novice owners?

Affenhuahau is very easy for new owners; they are willing to learn, and you may not need many repetitions to get them going. Using reinforcements, you will achieve a lot in a little time.

The sensitivity level of an Affenhuahua: a very sensitive dog. With training, you could help get him adjusted to kids and any anomaly around you.

Are Affenhuahuas social with other dogs?: Socialization at an early age could help your dog flow more easily with other dogs. Affenhuahuas are not so friendly with other dogs. Some dogs have an innate ability in them that wants them to dominate other dogs. Training is essential!

Is Affenhuahau Friendly Towards Strangers?: your lovely dog won’t be a joy to your visitors, as they can react fearfully or quickly to temper. They don’t accept strangers easily and may show aggression.

tendency to bark: So much energy to spare. You may want to control its rate of barking through training. They sure love to bark or howl.

energy level: just like kids, their energy levels are to the moon. You should develop a great exercise schedule for them.

amount of shedding: The Affenhuahua dog breed has a very low amount of shedding.

Drooling potential

There is a very low chance of drooling.

Tolerates weather?: The Affenhuahua tolerates cold (4/10) and hot weather (6/10).

Affenhuahua price

affenhuahua puppies for sale could range between $400 – $800 for a puppy. You may also consider other costs, the cost of routine vet checkup, the cost of the crate.


While formulating a diet for the medium-sized breed with enormous energy, consultation with your vet or a diet study is required, as if overfed, they have a tendency to gain weight. Feeding cost could range from $119 – $500


As the Affenhuahua dog breed is a tremendously new combined breed, there are few requirements in terms of size. That said, as a mixture between Chihuahua and Affenpinscher parents, you may assume Affenhuahuas to be on the small side. Most weigh in at 4 to 12 kilos, with a variety of peaks from six to twelve inches from the shoulder. Many may be smaller or larger than average.

There is so much potential for your dog to get big. Don’t leave food laying around. Feed it twice a day. Consult your vet or check out our articles that could help you determine what to feed your pup.

personality and behavior

The Affenhuahua dog breed is an intelligent dog. It is also a hyper-tiny dog, just like the chihuahua. It may tend to become stubborn and mischievous. It is a very curious dog.

Like with all other dogs, training is essential, especially if you have younger kids. The training will help reduce any unwanted barking habits.

It is easy to train; these little pets are energetic, fast learners, and are easy fits for new dog owners with no experience.

They are best suited for a one-person owner as they tend to bond with one family member, although they can get along with other family members.

Affrenhuahua dog breeds

Health issues

The Affenhuahua dog breeds are susceptible to some of the same health conditions that the Affenpinscher and chihuahua also face. Affenhuahuas are generally healthy, but it is important to visit the vet as and when due.

The health problems they may face include:

Common health issues of the Affenhuahua dog breed include:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Dental Disease
  • Patella Luxation
  • Collapsed Trachea


The  Affenhuahua lifespan can get up to 13 to 18 years. With proper health check and care, you’ll be able to achieve long great memorable times with your dog


These puppies are prone to gaining weight easily, so ensure an hour-long walk daily. You can split it into thirty-minute sessions twice a day. You can also throw in good play and sports.

Check their ears daily for pests of all sorts, and clean them daily as your vet recommends. It is best to trim their nails twice a month, to avoid them getting too long and clicking on the floor. You can get a groomer for this.

Brush their teeth on a daily basis because small dogs are prone to dental problems. You can get recommendations from your vet on the best way to carry this out.

Grooming and Coat Color

The Affenhuahua dog breed coat comes in colors such as black, fawn, brown, and cream. Their coats are rugged and may have spottings of white and grey.

They are the best choice if you suffer from allergies. They have short coats and they also have some of these breeds, who has longer coats that are not allergy-friendly. You will find both coats easy to groom. A good brush once a week will suffice.

They’d need a winter coat because their short coast wouldn’t keep them warm enough during the winter.


The Affenhuahua dog breed is a mixed breed dog that has high energy levels, are easy to train, have short coats, and can be easily injured by kids. They naturally won’t tolerate the presence of other animals.


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