What To Put On Lick Mat For Dogs? 7+ Tasty Dog Lick Mat Recipes

What To Put On Lick Mat For Dogs?

Dogs can be joyful eaters except if you have a spoilt baby right there. You can feed them anything safe for them and they won’t give you cold shoulders like my cat does. Incorporating lick mats for dogs is a great way of stimulating your pooch mentally while ensuring their appetite for anything food or treats don’t make them obese.

What to put on lick mat for dogs?  The things you can put on your dog’s lick mats are things your dog has shown interest in eating or licking such as fruits, vegetable purees, bananas, carrots, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, dog-formulated ice creams like frosty paws, and you could get creative with tuna, salmon and any other regular dog’s meal.

This article should arm you with the information you need regarding getting your dog entertained, stimulated, and happy with a lick mat.

What Is A Lick Mat?

A lick mat is a silicone or rubber mat that you can fill with treats of all forms like peanut butter, or other thing your dog loves to munch on. On these lick mats for dogs are a series of raised ridges and nubs designed to help massage the gums of your dog while they lick; helping to curb tartar buildup and plaque on their teeth, while also stimulating them mentally.

Lick mats can double as a toy or a standalone treat, or they could be combined with other toys and activities. For instance, you can put some treats on the mat, keep the mat on the floor, and have your dog search out the treats in between the nubs. The mat could also fit into your dog’s crate, keeping them entertained even when you need to keep them temporarily out of your space.

Are lick mats Good For Dogs?

Yes, lick mats are good for dogs. Lick mats do a lot of good for your dog such as tackling its abnormal licking habits, curbs boredom and lack of mental stimulation, and also helps resolve anxiety and stress-related issues. And it is good to note that the materials used in making these lick mats are safe for dogs.

A bored dog that is laid back or that spends the entirety of the day sleeping and lounging around the house may just need a lick mat to get going.

Lick mats for dogs keep them entertained and engaged, You can choose from an array of textures and patterns for your dog, and solve the issues with boredom.

Benefits Of lick mats For Dogs

Keeps the dogs active and redirects any existing bad licking habits: Lick mats have proven to be awesome when you intend to keep your dog engaged and active. Anxiety or stress can get your dog to engage in bad licking habits, plus when they lick, endorphins ( happy hormones) are released, which can cause them to keep licking. This is where lick mats come in, it can help and redirect this habit when it becomes excessive.

Eliminates boredom: a bored dog can be a social hazard, pounce on you at every chance, and always be in your space, which is why you need lick mats to eliminate their boredom and keep your dog entertained for a long time. In the market you can find different kinds of lick mats that could work perfectly for your dog; I got a lick mat that is thought-provoking for my dog.

Uphold’s slow feeding: If your dog is a fast eater, it could experience bloating from time to time, and you will find your dog regurgitating food most time. Lick mat helps slow down the rate at which your dog pounces on his treats or foods, this gradual feeding encourages saliva production which in turn aids digestion.

Upholds a healthy tooth: Some lick mats for dogs come with soft groves and bristles that help scrape and clean their tongue, eliminating bacteria in the process. As with the case of feeding slowly, the action of licking enables the production of saliva which also cleans the gum and teeth.

Stimulates their minds: This is the one reason that makes me love lick mat the more, because of how it stimulates my dog’s mind. I just have to hide the treats on the lick mat and get my dog to sniff them out. This exercise helps to train your dog.

Choosing a lick mat for a Dog


Before taking a decision on the kind of lick mat for dogs you should get.

Size: Getting a lick mat that is big enough for your dog is essential.
Material: you have to consider the different materials used: some lick mats are made of soft materials like clothes while others are made of silicone.
Design: Some mats have elevated nubs and patterns that are effective in massaging the gum of the dog while they lick.

After consideration of these factors, it’s time to choose a mat that is suitable for your dog. A small mat would be a perfect match for a smaller dog. If you have a larger dog, a larger mat will fit. Also, for a dog with softer gum, you want to use lick mats with softer materials.

Also, ensure to procure different lick mats if you live in a multi-dog home.

What To Put In Lick Mat For Dogs?

Prior to feeding your dog on a lick mat, you should be in the know of things that could be harmful to them and ensure you don’t feed your dog sch. What dogs can eat are dependent on individual dog preferences.

Here is a list of treats I use on lick mats for dogs: banana, frosty paws, yogurt, frosty paws, peanut butter, pumpkin puree, tuna, salmon, cheese honey, and anything your dog comfortably munches on.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter lick mat recipe for cats

My dog loves anything peanut butter, so I do just well to get peanut butter made especially for dogs ( since they don’t have xylitol in them). Then I do marsh peanut butter with banana sometimes for an incredible and irresistible treat for my dog.


Banana lick mat recipe for cats

My dog loves bananas and I try to get them to be as delicious as I can as their versatility makes it a great dog lick mat recipe. I dehydrate and spread them in bits or I mash the bananas with yogurts or I just create a lovely sight of bananas cut in bits and disperse.

Puree Lick Mat Recipes for Dogs 

Pumpkin lick mat recipe for cats

My dog loves pumpkin seeds, and that has helped me so much in training or getting my dog to learn and practice numerous tricks. The seeds can be roasted or baked, you don’t need to sal or add any extra seasoning. Another creative thing you could do with this dog lick mat recipe that can make the lick mat for dogs interesting is to grind the fresh seed into a puree and sprinkle the roasted pumpkin seeds on it.

Tuna lick mat recipes for cat

Tuna is quite high in mercury, which is why it shouldn’t be made a staple food for your dog, but it can occasionally be added as a treat. The best kinds of tuna permitted for dogs are either fresh ones or tuna canned in water. You can keep your dog entertained by spreading some of this tuna on his lick mat and can mix in other dog-safe treats or food that can be paired with tuna.

Frosty Paws

Frosty paws lick mat recipe for cats

Frosty paws were made particularly for dogs, enriched with vital vitamins. Instead of giving your dog ice cream formulated for humans ( which can contain harmful components), you can use dog-formulated ice cream which is frosty paws.


Yogurt lick mat recipe for cats

Yogurt for dogs is safe, but like every other thing in life, it should be used in moderation. The best type of yogurt you can give your pooch is Greek yogurt. Ensure that any yogurt you give the dog is free from sugar and additives.

Dogs food

You can use your dog’s quality kibble on the lick mat or any other foods you will normally give your dog.

Salmon Dog Lick mat recipe

Dogs go crazy for bones and fish! If you’ve ever witnessed a spoilt dog, you will notice how it can force its owner to keep feeding it only fish. Salmon is great for dogs but doesn’t have all the nutrients they require, which is why it should be used as a treat. Crush or mash and spread on the lick mat for dogs.

How to Use a Lick Mat for Cats

If you have a dog, you should already be aware of their licking habits. They lick you, their coats, even the bed, and your wristwatch. While you may find it cute when it is moderate, it could become annoying when the dog goes overboard. But what if we could turn this sometimes absurd behavior into something delightful?

A lick mat is a perfect way to channel the energy of an excessively licking dog. Once you’ve been able to get the lick mat that is right for your dog, then it’s time to put it to good use.

We want to begin by placing the lick mat in areas where your dog loves to lounge more; this could be his bed, crate, floor, or anywhere possible. allow your pooch to explore the mat and get comfortable with it.

You can run your fingers across the nubs, or place your dog’s treat or food on the mat to encourage your dog to use it. Once they take the first lick, they will instantly fall in love as licking will reduce their stress levels.

Dog Lick Mat Recipe – Final Thoughts

The best lick mat recipe for dogs is creativity. You can throw in any food that your dog delights in on the lick mat. Start bit by bit, then keep increasing the amounts as your dog warms up to the new concept of feeding.

Try to clean your dog’s lick mats, to avoid bugs like roaches scuttling on the mat. The idea of a lick mat should be fun for you and your dog, you don’t need to overthink it, just make do with dog-safe foods around you, and what you can create is endless.


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