Unveiling the Perils: The Truth About Dangerous Dog Treats


The Most Dangerous Dog Chew Ever Made: Rawhide!

Dangerous Dog Treats: Social media is full of scary stories about harmful dog treats. Some dogs have needed emergency surgery after eating Rawhide chews. New dog owners may mistake these chews for meat sticks but they’re actually made of animal hide and can keep dogs busy for hours. However, Rawhide chews are not a safe choice.

Rawhide is a common treat sold in many stores, but it can be dangerous. It’s made from the soft hide or skin of various animals and can be treated with chemicals to prevent spoilage. The Rawhides are then stripped of any remaining hair or fat with an ash-lye solution or sodium sulfide liming.

Hydrogen peroxide and bleach can remove the bad smell from leather.  Glue is used to make the chews last longer, but they may contain harmful chemicals like lead, arsenic, mercury, chromium salts, and formaldehyde. There is a risk of choking or blockages if dogs swallow large pieces of rawhide, which may require surgery to remove from the digestive tract. Warning signs are attached to some rawhide chews.

Dangerous Dog Treats From China

Unveiling the Perils: The Truth About Dangerous Dog Treats

Since 2011 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received thousands of complaints of serious illness and even deaths related to Chinese-based jerky treats.  They’re still working to find the cause but have issued multiple warnings against feeding any jerky treats to your dog if the ingredients were sourced from China.

Based on this, my recommendation to you is to avoid all jerky treats sold in pet stores and make your own!  Get yourself a dehydrator and you can make all the jerky treats easily at home and you will know exactly where your ingredients come from!  I do this all the time, my dog’s favorites are chicken jerky treats and liver treats.

1. Beggin’ Strips (IMPORTED FROM CHINA)

Beggin Strips Treats

These treats are imported from China. These treats contain two dangerous carcinogenic food dyes. The first food dye is Yellow #5 which has been connected to hyperactivity, anxiety, migraines, and cancer. This color dye has already been banned in many European countries. The second food dye is Red Dye 40, this has again been connected to hyperactivity as well as allergies and immune system cancers.


Pup Peroni Treats

Pup-Peroni is filled with high amounts of sugar, soy, artificial, and caramel colors. They also contain a toxic preservative called BHA – This preservative has been listed as a high hazard for humans, so I can not imagine it is safe for our dogs!

3. Milkbones

Milkbones are one of the most popular commercial dog treats that are purchased. This treat has been labeled one of the five most dangerous dogs treats around. They contain a very high amount of sugar as well as a few ingredients that you should make sure your dog’s treats don’t contain wheat, soy, and corn. Our dog’s digestive system finds it very hard to digest these ingredients, more difficult than us humans.

Unveiling the Perils: The Truth About Dangerous Dog Treats

Human Foods To Avoid Giving To Your Dog

Us dog owners love to give our dogs treats, but what’s great on our plate might be very dangerous for our dogs. Below is a list of human foods that you should never feed your dog. No matter how many times he gives you his paw.

Peach Pits
Apple Seeds
Apricot Pits
Cherry Pits
Macadamia Nuts
Persimmon Seeds
Yeast Dough
Plum Pits
Potato Skins

You can try our 4 flavourful dog liver treats


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