Unraveling the Mystery: Why Dogs Smell Metallic

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Why Does My Dog’s Breath Smells Like Metal?

Why Dog Smell Metallic, If My Dog’s Breath Smells Like Metal or iron, it can be a cause for alarm, but at the same time, there could also be nothing so serious to worry about.

The blockage of the anal gland can make your dog’s breath smell metallic or ironic. When their glands are full, they could release a metallic smell. However, issues such as ulcers could also be the cause of the metallic smell in the dog’s mouth.

Your dog’s mouth could also smell metallic and not be so much of a cause for concern. Your dog could have eaten his poop or gotten internal bleeding from chewing something sharp.

Why Does My Dog's Breath Smells Like Metal?

What causes my dog’s mouth to smell metallic or like iron.

Below, we are going to analyze the common causes of bad breath in dogs. In most cases, sickness leads to the metallic smell your dog gives off.

kidney disease

Poor oral hygiene can lead to the development of kidney disease. If the dog’s mouth is not taken care of properly, this could lead to bacteria growing and gathering up. Over time, these bacteria could accumulate and pose a big issue for the liver and kidneys. This usually happens after the bacteria ingested into the system, find their way into the bloodstream.

Once you notice your dog’s breath smells like urine or ammonia, this can be a very clear sign that your dog could possibly be having kidney disease.

Abscess of the anal gland

Anal gland abscess is a painful infection that is very common in dogs. When the infection progresses, there is a buildup of pus in the sac throughout the period of infection.

Serious damage could be done to the anus and rectum if it’s not treated on time. In cases where the absence opens up, yellowish-green pus and a huge amount of blood are released. This could lead to the infection spreading.

Calling a vet when you notice the symptoms will really help your dog to ease its distress.

What is the role of the anal gland?

The anal gland secretes a smell that distinguishes a dog from another dog. This is what dogs use to map their territories.

You may have always wondered why your dog smells its own poop or why, if you take your dog to a park, it smells other dogs’ bottoms, and other dogs smell your dog’s bottom.

They are trying to identify themselves. As humans, we can identify intelligence, things, and our environment from words (spoken or written). Dogs can tell one thing from another by their great sense of smell.

When does the smell from the anal gland create a cause for alarm?

Usually, it is nothing serious for the dog to pass these fluids, but when you notice your dog is uncomfortable, trying to lick its rare, or continuous scratching on the floor, then you should know that, there is more to the reactions.


Is the anal gland disease really a big deal?

No, the anal gland disease isn’t a life sentence or anything to serious that can’t be handles. The anal gland disease is usually cause by heavy weight gain in dogs, and impacted anal sacs.

How to go about an anal gland disease?

The fish-like smelly secretion builds up at the dogs sacs. This could cause your dog enormous pains when he tries to pass excreta.  It happens this way because, the secretion hardens as it builds up.

What can you do? You can take the dog to the vet and the vet will help and express the sac.  An impacted anal gland can cause infection which the doctor can easily treat with antibiotic.

Do you want to express the sacs yourself? Watch this video on how to do it.


A diabetic dog will lack insulin. In the absence of insulin, a dog’s body will struggle to break down carbohydrates. In order to obtain the necessary sugar, the body would begin to break down fat. This act will cause the dog’s body to enter ketosis. When the body enters ketosis, a by-product is produced. This by-product is known as ketones, which tend to smell like acetone. You can check our Diabetic Dogs Treats here.

Your dog’s breath could smell like iron because of dental problems.

Canine periodontal disease, or gingivitis, is a major cause of “dog breath.”

Periodontal disease is easy to prevent, all that is needed is a proper hygiene care. This condition can cause the gum of the dog to get rotten. Also, it can destroy the jawbone of the dog. As you know, dental diseases are big treats to the heart and lungs.

Gingivitis on the other hand is said to have taken place when the gun of the dog is inflamed. It could lead to the dog loosing a tooth.

To distinguish this illness, it produces a fishy smell rather than a metallic one. What symptom exceptions exist when the dog has bleeding gums? Your dog’s breath would also be metallic.

As always, it is proper to seek a vet’s help. Tracking disease on time will always prevent the most severe complications from developing.

Did my dog eat a poisonous plant?

If your dog is having stomach problems, it is common for the dog to eat plants; it helps them throw up and sorts out the stomach issues most time.

Unlike wild dogs, domestic dogs can sometimes not tell the difference between poisonous and non-poisonous plants. Hence, your dog may eat a poisonous plant, which would cause its mouth to smell acidic.

Nightshade plants are usually toxic to dogs. A dog may consume potatoes in cooked or baked forms, and the could do fine eating tomatoes in a cooked or raw form(in small quantities). However, if they are to eat the night shade plants, its potentials to cause toxicity to the dogs are very high.

In most cases, your dog will be able to naturally purge the poison from its bloodstream, but you can check in with a vet if the symptoms are persistent.

Symptoms of plant poisoning in dogs

  • Seizures
  • Tremors
  • Diarrhea.
  • The have Difficulty in swallowing
  • Drooling.
  • Vomiting
  • Dog showing signs of Pain.
  • Difficulty in breathing.

Why does my dog’s vomit smell like metal?

If your dog has an awful or metallic smell in its vomit, that is a health pointer. Except you’re a vet yourself, it’s best to seek a vet’s advice. If your dog’s puke has a feces-like odor, your little angel is sick.

A dog will vomit for many reasons. If he eats too quickly, he’ll vomit. If he ingests something that isn’t good for his system, he’ll vomit. It is good to note that the dog’s vomit may always smell foul anyways.

A dog’s vomit is made up of both things it had eating that had digested and bile. This often would give out a foul odor, however, take a closer observation of your dog’s vomit. If it smells more nasty than usual or you discover blood in the vomit. It is necessary to get that pooch examined by a vet.

What does a sick dog vomit smell like?

In understanding why a dog’s vomit may smell extraordinarily nasty, it is necessary to point out all the concepts that may lead to this.

A sick dog’s vomit will smell a bit sorer than its usual vomits. However, if the vomit produces an odor like fecal matter, this is a more serious issue. An ill dog that passes a vomit that smells like fecal matter should be taken to the vet. This is a sign of serious health issues or a bland injury.

What to do to help your ill vomiting dog?

Since throwing up in dogs is caused by inflammation, I propose bland diets or diets prescribed by your vets. Bland diets such as chicken and potatoes can help a vomiting dog recover quickly. Before you run to your vet, you can try this out first, it should help stabilize the dog for a while.

Why does my dog’s skin smell like iron?

Your dogs’ skin will smell like iron because they have blood on them. Check your dog thoroughly if they have any injuries. Dogs are good at bidding their injuries or pains. A thorough examination of the dogs body will point out any place of injury

It is also possible that your dog has rolled itself over another dog’s anal gland secretion. It is a fact that dogs use anal gland secretions to mark territories. At times, to get rid of pets and odors they don’t like, dogs will roll themselves on the ground. This happens most times if you spray on them with harsh perfumes.

A study carried out in 2006 shows that when the skin of an organism comes in contact with metallic chemicals, this can make your dog smell like metal. So, if your dog has just come in from outside and its skin smells like the metal it may have come in contact with metallic compounds. At least, one wash a week is recommended to keep your dog fresh.

Your dog’s smell may also be a result of bacterial infection and yeast infection. Also infestation of the ear. Proper grooming will keep this away. If they still get infected, check in with the vet.

Using a medicated shampoo that won’t harm your dog will ensure your dog smells fresh.

What can I do to make my dog’s skin smell better?

A bath a week keeps the smell away. At least one bath a week won’t alter the skin’s PH it’ll ensure a fresh-smelling dog, if the dog comes into contact with water, dry them.

Why does my dog’s pee smell like metal?

The dogs pee will smell like metal if the have internal injuries to their kidneys or they have issues with their bladder or its urinary tract infection.

An infection of the kidney will also cause the dog to have an ammonia-like breath. Not only will the pee be giving off iron smell.

A metallic smell most times, denotes blood in the urine of the dog, but you need to check in with your vet to determine if its urinary tract infection.

Unraveling the Mystery: Why Dogs Smell Metallic


If you discover these issues in your dog, and a proper bath won’t take away the odor, book an appointment with your dog’s vet.

It’s no news that your dog has a great sense of smell. They could keep rolling around to get the smell off.

These things can be inevitable sometimes, but a proper check and maintaining good hygiene could help.


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