Understanding Chihuahua Shaking: Causes, Solutions, and Care

chihuahua shaking

A chihuahua shaking can trouble a new dog owner, triggering him/her to search for help, only to discover that nothing is wrong with the dog.

Chihuahua shaking is a common thing in the dog world and is not tied to an underlying illness. Chihuahuas shake and quiver more than other types of dogs. This could be caused by environmental factors or other factors related to the dog. So, why do they act this way? Let’s check every possible cause of your dog’s behavior.

Why is my chihuahua shaking?

Understanding Chihuahua Shaking: Causes, Solutions, and Care

Chihuahuas may shake due to excitement, anxiety, low blood sugar, cold, old age, or allergies. While manageable, they aren’t usually life-threatening. Excitement, often triggered by treats or outings, is normal but be cautious about overfeeding. Anxiety may result in destructive behavior; avoid punishment. Introducing a bigger dog can induce fright. Low blood sugar, common in Chihuahuas, requires spreading meals and keeping sugar handy. Cold weather may cause shaking; use a heating pad or provide warm clothing. Allergies, if severe, require vet consultation. Poisoning, e.g., from chocolate, demands immediate attention. Leg shaking in old age may indicate weakened limbs.

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You’ve been out to work since the morning. Did you just come back? Yay! A mad frenzy to welcome your arrival. Don’t worry, your dog is not epileptic. He is just so happy to see you.

How do I stop my chihuahua from shaking?

Except when it’s caused by a cold or allergies, you probably shouldn’t interfere with your dog’s shaking, as it’s natural to see a chihuahua shaking a lot for a lot of reasons we outlined above.

Why do small dogs tremble?

Small dogs quiver uncontrollably as they get cold more easily than bigger dogs. Small dogs will shake to aid even blood flow through their bodies, balancing their temperature, just as we humans shiver when we are cold.

Is it normal for puppies to shiver?

Shivering in puppies is commonly attributed to excitement. When excited, your puppy will display all manner of berserk behaviors, jumping, shaking terribly, barking, or even urinating. As scary as it may seem, your puppy is fine.

Should the chihuahua sleep with you?

If your chihuahua is shaking, it’s fine to allow them to sleep with you, provided you are sure your puppy is parasite-free and healthy. If you are an active sleeper, you may be worried about the worst, like you rolling over your dog.

Understanding Chihuahua Shaking: Causes, Solutions, and Care

Final thoughts on Chihuahua shaking

If you’ve crossed out the possible medical cause, there is usually not much to be worried about when you see your chihuahua shaking.

You should, however, be observant enough to tell when the cold-bitting temperature is killing your dog. When needed, provide warmth.

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