Like any other living things, guinea pigs also enjoy eating but it is also important to watch their food intake to make sure that they will remain healthy. If your guinea pig is not given adequate diet, you will notice changes in your pet brought about by Vitamin C deficiency that usually occurs two weeks after the deficiency starts. If this happens, you will notice that your guinea pig will become weak and lethargic and they will begin to eat less causing them to lose weight and have enlarged joints. They will also develop rough hair coat and have diarrhoea and their nose and eyes will produce discharge. In about three or four weeks, your guinea pig may bid farewell to you. Avoid this tragic thing from happening and start feeding your pet the right type of food.

Guinea Pigs

More than giving them guinea pig pellets that you can get from your vet, it is also important to add green leafy vegetables on their diet since they need a high fibre diet. You can them with a combination of high-quality guinea pig pellet and guinea pig hay to ensure that they get the proper nutrients they need.

Avoid feeding your pets  with foods like cereals, grains, nuts, seeds, washed or brushed potatoes, wild mushrooms and berries, onion, shallots, avocado, rhubarb, breads, biscuits, sweets, sugar, breakfast cereal and chocolate. Feeding them these types of food will do more harm to them than good so it would be best to keep them away from the mentioned list. Rabbit and rodent pellets are also a no, no for your pocket pet because they have a special guinea pig pellet formulated for them that contains the nutrients they need.

Hygiene Wise 

When it comes to manners and table etiquette, guinea pigs are bit slobs so do not expect anything from them. They scatter their food anywhere including their bedding, their food in their water and to their bedding and that is not enough they often soil in their food, water and bedding too! Because of this, cleaning and re-stoking their food and water container daily is very important.

Suspend their food and water container above the ground to prevent your guinea pigs from nesting in their food and water. If possible, get a food and water container that is a bit heavy so they cannot overturn it.

Guinea pig water bottle are available in pet shops and it is a must in their cage because they are more hygienic but since your naughty pet have the tendency to block the end of water tube with slurry of food and water from their mouths as they drink, you should make it a point to check their water container daily. Wash your pet’s cage regularly to keep them healthy and comfortable and also doing this will keep your house from smelling like a pet shop because of their urine and waste. Proper hygiene is part of the responsibilities of having a pet.