French Bulldog Floppy Ears + How To Stop The Flop

French bulldog floppy ears

Besides the French bulldog’s lifespan, there are other things that could make the owners worried or sad like the French bulldog floppy ears.

For me, I have a connection with the wrinkled face of the Bulldog, as it’s time I see them I love to draw a line on your ankles using my fingers. I know for sure a lot of other people love French bulldogs for one thing or the other.

French bulldogs ears, sums up its odd beauty, giving him a look that highlights his sharp, curious, and laid-back temperament.

Your French Bulldog floppy ears, Are caused by a lot of things which we are going to explain in detail. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to understand why a french bulldog’s ears flop.


What should a French bulldog look like?

While your French Bulldog may not be as beautiful as the Teacup Pomsky, they are still charming and elegant in their way.

I have a small compact body, that is fairly muscular. Their face and shoulders house wrinkled skin, which gives them a senior look.

Asides from the Frenchy’s face, their skin color could vary from white, fawn, and cream, but they sometimes have a black mask or brindle patterns.

The brown eyes of the Frenchy is usually his trademark accompanied by their squished-up face.

According to the AKC, how should a French bulldog’s ears be? the AKC standard for the French Bulldog ears is for the dogs to have bat-like ears. what it simply means is that the French bulldogs should be round at the top, broad at the base, and elongated. The ears should not be close to each other but set high on the head, while the French bulldog carries it erect.

Given the above circumstances, a French bulldog floppy ears are contrary to the standards. What then leads to this condition?


Understanding French bulldog puppies and floppy ears

Ass puppies your Frenchy’s ears wouldn’t develop yet, at this stage the cartilage in their ears is developing. This is while many people will advise you should use calcium and magnesium supplements.

Frenchies are not born with erect ears, it could take up to 5 to 15 weeks before you start seeing signs of his ears trying to be erect. During The Teething period of your dog, it is normal for its ear to drop, since its jawbone and its ears are connected.

From The third month, your dog will lose its deciduous teeth, while this is going on, your franchise ears will flop and this is normal, no need to panic. If in the third month, there is no sign of either of the ears or both ears standing, then you should apply the fixes in our subsequent subheadings.

Dogs are individual, which means different dogs will take different times in processing in different stages of their lives. Usually, breeders advise we shouldn’t get worried until the dog is 8 months of age.

French bulldog ear positions chart

FlattenedFearful, Defensive, Anxious
RelaxedCalm, Neutral
Pointed (Tensed, Flattened Aggressive, Alert, Defensive, Fearful
Perked (Tensed, Forward)Curious, Confused, Attentive

French bulldog floppy ears cause

There Are many reasons why your French bulldog floppy ears will occur. Genetics, Domestic syndrome, Teething, poor dieting, and if the breed is mixed. we are going to analyze extensively how the above-listed items can make your French bulldog’s floppy ears permanent or temporarily.

  • Poor dieting

In planning the diet of your Frenchie, there are minerals and vitamins which you have to prioritize. Check the nutritional facts of your ur dog’s kibble, and check the ingredient you use in preparing your homemade treats.

Asides from omega-3 and 6 and other nutrients, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium are necessary for the development of your dog’s bones and cartilage. Also, your dog needs a great amount of protein, also ensure he gets his necessary amount of calories per day.

Cut down on unnecessary snacking except if you need to reinforce good behavior or you are undergoing training sessions.

  • Genetics

Since most breeders won’t care about your feelings, if you don’t watch out, they’ll sell you whatever they like. Take a look at what you need to know before you buy from a breeder.

A Frenchie pup that has either or both of his partner with a floppy ear will eventually have one. Since some breeders don’t care about where they get the sire to mate their dam, they may breed with a defective sire.

Also, the absence of the necessary test that is to be performed on dogs the breeder bred with is a red flag. These teats give insight into any inherent deformity or disease that could cause permanent French bulldog floppy ears.

  • Domestic syndrome

When a wild animal is domesticated, the domestic syndrome can occur. All animals in the wide have erect ears to an extent except the elephant.

From studies found online, I discovered that domesticated animals could have floppy ears after the process.

The first person who noticed this was Charles Darwin, who found out that wild animals have erect ears while domesticated animals had floppy ears.


  • Teething

The 6th to 8th months mark the period at which your franchise will stop teething. Usually, their ears will droop at this stage and pick up their erect form after the eight-month.

Teething is a fun process through which your dog loses its milk teeth and begins to grow permanent teeth. As seen both in Chihuahuas and Corgis, all dogs pass through this process.


  • Ear infections and parasite

Ear infections can do their bit to making the French bulldog floppy ears permanent. Ear parasites such as ear mites will cause the dog to keep wriggling, and scratching its ears, which can weaken its ears’ cartilage.


Can my Frenchies ears be fixed?

Yes! They can be fixed. In the case of infection, the cause can be determined and treated effectively. You can improve his diet too. Here are things you can do.

Improve the dog’s diet.

You can improve your dog’s diet with this simple trick, adding a spoon of cottage cheese to its kibble will supplement his calcium, potassium, and magnesium intake.

For treats and snacks, you can adopt pumpkin treats. Pumpkin contains numerous vitamins and minerals. They could be easily made into numerous forms. Your creativity is your only limit here. Pumpkin provides calcium for french bulldog ears flop.

French bulldog ear taping

Some chances taping could work for your Frenchie, you can’t tell if it’ll work or not until you try it out.

  • Step 1

We will start by shaving your dog’s ears, this will reduce the weight of the ears and increase our chances of success here.

You may not have the dog grooming kits, but the goodness is that you can substitute with a piece of electric mustache equipment or a beard trimmer will do.

When you get to work, you want to start at the base and work your way to the top, this will prevent any case of the dog getting injured. As the dog may not shake while you do this, the tendency for a dog to wiggle his head is there.

Don’t forget to prep the dog for this p process by ensuring he gets used to the sound of the trimmer before you proceed. Take the clipper close to the dog’s ears many times, until its curiosity level goes down.

In a case where you have none of the items I listed above, you could make use of a pair of scissors. It will do you a lot of good if you distract the dog with some treats.

  • Step 2

To avoid causing injuries to your dog’s ears and creating room for an infection that will make your French bulldog floppy ears a lengthy experience, you need to shave the ear bald. Trim out hair left at the edges or anywhere else.

  • Step 3

Choosing The tape:  The dogs asking can be sensitive, you don’t need tapes that will irritate hypersensitive skin. The best tap to use in tapping Frenchies’ ears is the M3-micropore adhesive plaster. This plaster is perfect cause it was made from non-woven viscose.

The tape is breathable, flexible, and easy on your dog’s skin. You can easily take these tapes off without causing injuries t your dog, or leaving traces. or a puppy’s skin, this is the best tape to use.

Alternatively,  any other tape that you can access that matches the tape we mentioned above, you can use it. The M3-Micropore tape can be found in endless stores in the US.

  • Step 4

After you’ve got the take ready, the next step is for you to clean and disinfect the ears of the dog. Alcohol or any disinfectant that can be used on dogs is okay. This will ensure your dog’s ear wont be a place of Breeding for infection as you bind the French bulldog floppy ears.

  • step 5

Taing the ears of your Frenchie: To begin this process, you need to cut out two strips of tape, Roll the strip on a pen orVlace the tip on your clean table edges.

You want o place the tape from the opening of the dog’s ear canal to the ti. Be sure not to black the canal, make sure to hold the here in an upright manner when you do this.

Everything you have done above, repeat it on the other ear. After you have done that, you want to cut another tav just as long as the dog’s ear, thee use of the tape you just cut is to aid the ear to stand firmly. bind loosely the base of the dog’s ear(externally).

If this process is carried out properly, the left ear of the dog should be at eleven o clock, and the right ear should be a two o’clock.

  • Step 6


Making a bridge between both ears: Make a bridge above the dog’s head using two stripes of tape This will help to hold the ears up for the five days you’ll be leaving the tape on.



Never leave this tape on for more than 3 – 5 days. change the Tap and inspect the progress of the french bulldog floppy ears, and see if it stands yet.

I changing the tapes looks a bit difficult, use scissors to cut the tapes from the sides.

Clean the ear, since dirt build-up at the sides of the tapes, you don’t want to repeat this process on a dirty ear since it’ll create more trouble than the good you’re intending to do

After losing the tape always remember to disinfect the ears of the dog.


Frequently asked question

French bulldog ear never went up why?

It is okay if your young dog never gets its ear standing within his first few months. However, if after 8 months and there are no signs of either one or both ears standing, then you should make a further inquiry about the dam and sire of the pup.


Dogs’ teething usually happens in their first few months which could cause their ears to droop. Your dog could possibly have caught an ear infection.

At what age will the French bulldog floppy ears go up?


At 7 weeks, if all is okay with the dog, you could see the ears trying to help themselves up.


Final thoughts

Irrespective of how your dog’s ears are, you can help your dog enjoy his life. Anxiety can make your dog’s ears droop. If you don’t want your dog to catch the anxiety vibe, don’t get worried about its ears in his presence. Try out the steps above, your breeder can assist you with this.


Be sure to take a good look at the quality of your breeder, by getting all the necessary papers you need to confirm the parents of your dog are healthy, this will likely prevent a French bulldog floppy ears.


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