Does Dog Shampoo Expire? 7 DO’S AND DONT’S

does dog shampoo expiree


Personally, I don’t bother about my hair shampoo expiring, I just go ahead and use whatever I have left and move on with my life because it doesn’t even last enough to expire anyways. But some days back I had to give my dog a bath, and then it struck me, “how about dogs? does dog shampoo expire?”

Being a dog parent and even a human parent is a responsibility that one needs to take seriously. Our furry pups depend on us to provide them with home, love, and care, and most importantly make sure they are clean and healthy. Even if the dog views bathing as pure torture, it still must be done from time to time.


If like me, you bathed your dog recently and you just weren’t satisfied with the bath, or they are not just clean as they should be, or they’re irritable and itchy, you might have asked yourself that question, did his shampoo expire? did it go bad? does dog shampoo expire?.

The answer is YES Dog shampoo has an expiration date just like human shampoo. when purchasing, It is important that you always check the label on the bottle to determine how long it is safe to use. Using expired shampoo products can result in skin irritations or even infections for your dog. Once you notice the one you have is past its expiration date please throw it away.



As we stated in our introduction, dogs’ shampoo expires, and using an expired product on both human and dogs have significant side effects. the bacteria that grows on the walls of the shampoo bottle can cause several harmful skin conditions such as skin inflammation, allergic reaction, itching, and fungus. if your dog has really sensitive skin or skin problems, using an expired shampoo can worsen its condition and lead to other serious health complications.

whether you get your dog a designer shampoo or a homemade shampoo, all dog shampoos have expiration dates regardless of the range, some might just expire sooner than others. the quality and how great your shampoo works depends on the “best before” date. Manufacturers usually clearly state the expiration date on the label of the bottle, but not all manufacturers do this, so how can you tell?

Most dog shampoos have their expiration date on the bottom, sides, or back of the bottle so always check the label or even the lid and bottom of the bottle, as these dates vary from shampoo to shampoo. if the expiration date still can’t be seen, whether you already have it at home or it’s still at the store, its place should be in the bin, but for benefit of the doubt, we’re going to look at a few ways to tell if your dog shampoo has expired for real.

   ♣ open the bottle and check inside. if you can clearly see that the inside or walls of the bottle has changed color or you can see a funny substance (could be bacteria or fungus) growing, it is a clear indication that it’s past its use-by date period. pour some out into a bowl or even your hands, give it a sniff, and observe its texture. expired shampoo may change texture, causing it to become more watery, or slimy in a bad way, and won’t smell as strong and nice as normal.

   ♣ observe your pet. if after observing the texture and smell of the shampoo, they smell the same, your next move is to check your dog. the expired shampoo will not be as effective in cleaning your friend when it comes to removing smells and clumps of dirt, so check, are they clean?.

Okay so they might seem clean, even if this is the case, if they’re scratching themselves more than normal or if their skin looks dry, red, or irritated, it could be a sign that you need to throw your dog shampoo out and into the garbage, no do not give it to your neighbor. please replace it with a new one as soon as possible. It might also be a good idea to contact a professional groomer or veterinarian for advice as fast as possible.



I’m one of those people who still like to use stuff days after they’ve expired (I swear last time was the last time) but do not be like me. The expiration date was put there for a reason even though you may think a few days past won’t make any difference.

Yes a few days after the expiration date the product may still be fine, it may be less effective, or at worse cause skin irritation or infection. The guideline is there because the shampoo is best before that date and honestly I don’t want to find out if I can still use a recently expired shampoo on my dog, it’s so not worth the risk.

 The chemical change and the growing bacteria of an expired shampoo can cause more harm than good, Don’t buy it or throw it out if the expiry date has passed.



Once opened, most dog shampoos will last around 12-18 months, however, organic shampoos can last longer, from within 1-36 months.

Dog shampoos can last for up to three years on the shelf after production, but once opened, the chemical compositions of the product begin to experience change and alter because of the oxygen or air going into it and so it expires surprisingly fast. 

Contrary to the validity period of organic shampoo (which is made up of natural and environmentally friendly ingredients), medical shampoos, including flea shampoos, have a shorter shelf life so they expire quicker at around six months or less as their chemical composition is more complex. 

If you want your dog shampoo to last longer, make sure to buy one that has an extended expiry date, and store it at a temperature range that was mentioned on the container label, if not the product could go bad faster than the date stated on the bottle or label.



There are a couple of do’s and don’t when it comes to purchasing dog shampoo but the essential idea is to consider your dog, its size, age, and fur type, and find something that works for your dog. 


  • go for soap-free shampoos
  • go for natural ingredients


  • buy shampoo without checking its expiry date
  • buy shampoo without checking the ingredients
  • choose scented shampoos
  • choose a shampoo that has dyes or parabens
  • use human shampoo for your pooch

Just make efforts to look for shampoos suitable for your dog’s particular breed because only then will they have the best effect on their skin and fur. Also, if your dog is still a puppy, choose an appropriate shampoo that is gentler. you could also prepare a home-made one yourself


To prolong the lifespan of your dog shampoo, there are some dog shampoo storage tips you can adopt. The perfect conditions for storing will depend on the composition of the product or its ingredient list. usually, you can find and follow instructions written on the label of the bottle, but you can also follow these guidelines:

  • do not open the bottle till you need to use it
  • Store the shampoo at room temperature
  • Keep the dog shampoo in a dry place
  • Keep the shampoo bottle away from heat and direct sunlight.

But you should take into cognizance that these recommendations may vary, as there are many different types of dog shampoos, from dry to liquid, from homemade and organic to medically made ones.



If your dog’s shampoo expired, and you’re thinking of reaching for your own shampoo to groom your pet, please don’t!. It’s called human shampoo, it was made specifically for humans and not dogs. 

It is important to remember that a dog’s skin is more sensitive than that of a human, also, our pooches’ pH level varies from that of humans, and their skin needs more moisturizing components in their cleaning products. While the average human pH level is 5.5 to 6.5, the dog’s pH level is between 6.2 -7.5.

Human shampoos are too aggressive and can harm and disrupt the dog’s mantel, stripping it off all its natural oils, and leaving the skin dry and itchy. There are lots of different brands of dog shampoo to try, always choose one that’s suitable for your pet’s fur age, and skin, and also check its expiry date. but if you don’t know which one to choose, don’t hesitate to speak to the pet store or your local vet.

What to do if there’s no expiration date on the dog shampoo bottle

Let’s say you encountered a shampoo you would like to purchase for your pooch, but it doesn’t have an expiry date, well I’ll tell you straight up not to get it, but there are some other ways to find more information about it.

Some manufacturers don’t place an expiration date directly on their products. You may want to check their website or give them a call before or after buying their products just in case the expiration date has rubbed off or you forgot to check them.

Then Some shampoos may not have an expiry date but will have like a batch code on the bottle which you can check to see when the bottle was made.

If you still happen to find nothing, then you can follow the tip on how to tell if your dog shampoo is expired, and dispose of it after 12-18 months of use, depending on what type it is, or three years when it is unopened.

What are the side effects of expired shampoo?

As earlier established, the bacteria that grows on the walls of the shampoo bottle after expiration can cause several harmful skin conditions such as skin inflammation, allergic reaction, itching, red, flaky skin, and fungus. if your dog has really sensitive skin or skin problems, using an expired shampoo can worsen its condition and lead to other serious health complications if not treated, and we do not want that now do we?.



Yes, dog shampoo expires really quick because of the different chemicals that they were made with, and using such on your furry friend could lead to a lot of serious conditions if not taken care of properly, so before getting a shampoo for your dog, make sure to research for the best one to use on your particular dog breed and also a few alternatives just in case you don’t get what you want. please do not hesitate to visit your local vet if you notice your pooch is experiencing some of the side effects of using an expired shampoo.

let us know in the comment section your experiences with expired dog shampoo.


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