Can Dogs Eat Uncrustables? An Expert’s Advice

Can Dogs Eat Uncrustables?

Dogs have a habit of wanting to eat almost anything they see us eating, and this can lead to them giving the puppy eye whenever they see us snacking on any food.

Uncrustables are made with peanut butter which is an excellent dog lick mat recipe, but the peanut butter used was not formulated for dogs and may contain artificial sweeteners.

In the following expository text, we will explore all ingredients used in Uncrustable and will help you understand if it is a good idea to share some with your dog.

What Are Uncrustables?

Uncrustables are a popular frozen sandwich in the United States. They are majorly jelly and peanut butter sandwiches made by Smucker’s. The selling point of Uncrustable is the absence of any crust, as the crusts are removed, making it convenient for people who don’t enjoy the crust of a sandwich.

You can find Uncrustable in various flavors, which include strawberry jelly, honey, grape jelly, and chocolate hazelnut. This yummy snack that could be eaten on the go or heated with a toaster comes in both s full-size and mini-versions.

Can Dogs Eat Uncrustables?

Your dog could eat uncrustable without having to face any problems after, but this is dependent on the size of your dog, if your dog has an underlying disease, the flavor of the particular uncrustable eaten, and the amount consumed.

A dog with an underlying disease is more likely to be susceptible to little changes in diet or they will be triggered by a little amount of ingredients a healthy dog will eat without having problems.

For instance, uncrustables grape jelly flavor will likely not cause any harm to a healthy dog if the dog is kept hydrated, but an unhealthy dog may suffer. According to Dr. Jill, Dmv, an expert dog veterinarian at just answers.

It’s also good to note that some dogs are more sensitive to certain things like grapes and chocolate and will react even if the smallest amount is handed to them.

My Dog Ate Uncrustable: Ingredients Used, and how they may impact your dog

While the ingredients used in making Uncrustables can be safe for human consumption, they can be hellish for your dog depending on the amount consumed. Let us explore these ingredients closely.


The type of bread used for the Uncrustable sandwich is made from wheat flour and contains sugar, yeast, water, and additives. A small amount of bread will usually not cause your dog many issues, however, you should be cautious of the high sugar and carb content that can cause unwanted weight gain and other health problems.

Also, your dog may fall under the category of dogs that are allergic to wheat or other ingredients used in the bread, which can trigger allergic reactions or lead to digestive problems.

Peanut butter

A generously commonly used ingredient in Uncrustable, it is safe for dogs if it’s free of xylitol and is used in moderation. When your dog is fed peanut butter from brands that contain xylitol there could be an adverse effect.

However, the peanut butter used in Uncrustable is free from Xylytol according to the company, but it could heighten the risk of increased calories and fat which is why we scream for moderation.


Jelly is another commonly used ingredient in Uncrustables and is safe for dogs in small amounts, but just like bread, jelly can also be high in sugar which can lead to obesity and other problems alike.

In addition to its high sugar content, some fruits or ingredients in the jelly could be toxic to your dog, which is why it’s good to avoid giving your dog Uncrustable even though they could technically eat some.

Risks of feeding Uncrustable to your dog

Mistakenly or purposely, your dog may have eaten some Uncrustable, and here are the pronounced risks that may take place.

Instantly, your dog could have an upset stomach which could spiral if your dog is not kept hydrated. This could also progress to other digestive issues accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea.

If eaten regularly, your dog will likely gain unwanted weight and also be staring the chances of diabetes in the eyes.

It is best to avoid feeding your dog any human food as it could lead to a host of things you didn’t plan for.

Can Dogs Eat Uncrustables Raw?

When you think raw, you should mean Uncrustable that has not been toasted or heated with a microwave. Whether the Uncrustable is raw or toasted, it could still pose lots of risks and problems to your dogs.

As listed above, the ingredients are still the same so you should expect the same effect whether you feed your pooch the toasted or freshly unsealed version.

Final Thoughts

Uncrustable are not all out toxic to dogs, but they can pose some health risks if consumed in large quantities or if consumed by an ailing dog. In general, it is best to avoid feeding your pooch food that was made for humans, as they always pose a health risk for them.



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