Hedgehogs are mostly in need of houses in which they can easily hibernate, breed or even sleep. These factors are rather necessary for the survival and good health of the hedgehog. However, such a site is very necessary are better if ventilated, warm and waterproof. They should also be made safe from predators as well as being disrupted by mankind. There are various places that the hedgehogs are used to but these places rarely available in the modern world. This makes it suitable to have a house for the hedgehogs. This article will look into hedgehog houses.

hedgehog house indoor

There are those places that hedgehogs are used to. Such places include the derelict buildings, fallen trees as well as hedgerows. It has been discovered that for a very long time, a large number of hedgehogs end up being injured by fire, forks, mowers and trimmers. This is because these animals are known to always seek refuge in long grass, compost heaps and thickets. Moreover, it has been discovered that the survival rate of hedgehogs during winter is very low with 28% of these animals dying during this period of time. When the weather gets severe, more of the hedgehogs tend to die because the weather becomes less suitable for their survival. The weight of these animals results in their degree of survival. Those that have more weight tend to survive much longer than those that have less weight.

Because the adult hedgehogs have more weights than those of the juvenile animals, they tend to survive longer than the juvenile ones. This means that the juvenile hedgehogs that have less than 500g by September have their chances of survival being very low. This simply means that you have got to find a hedgehog hose that meets the needs for your pet. Due to the fact that they tend to foliage over a very broad area within a very short period of time, you should realize that they can do this within an area of 3-4 miles every night.

Therefore allowing them to have access to your garden every night is very necessary. You can do this by ensuring that the gap between the wires is not less than 4.5 inch. When they get through, they should have access to water and foods whenever they need them. This should happen in every season both summers and winters. If you set permanent homes for the hedgehogs, these animals tend to make homes in these shelter and times raise the young ones in these environments.

If you want to set the house for your hedgehog, you should realize that hedgehogs tend to look for alternative houses during autumn as the winter tends to approach. At this time, autumn is characterized by warm and dry weather which is very suitable for the animals to hibernate. When this happens, the animals tend to look for brush, dry grass and leaves that will enable them to hibernate. Therefore, you can have a hedgehog house in an accessible place somewhere in the garden in a place that is shaded and quiet with a hole to trough which the animals should enter. The house can be set in a compost heap, log piles, or the underground or even in any other place that may seem suitable for the animals t reside in. at the position where the roofs start, this is where the ventilation should be placed.

This is also the same level where the entrance holes should be placed in order to facilitate the process of entrance and accommodation of the hedgehogs. If you go for the idea of burying the best hedgehog house, it is recommended that you place plastic sheets or even roofing felt in order to have an under the box airspace in order to have a reduction of the dampness’ that may exist in the house or in the nest chamber. Avoid unnecessary visits to the residence that may deter the hedgehogs from taking refuge. Moreover, you should have a tiny light object on the entrance for clear visibility.

Hedgehogs are very sensitive to their places of residence. This is because at times they may hibernate and stay for long periods of time. At this time, they need not be disturbed which means that the places they reside in should not be highly disturbed by humans. Having such a place that protects them from the extreme weather like the winters is the best thing that you can do to these animals.