Birds are an interesting kind of pet. They seem to be fragile and require someone who can be gentle enough to keep them safe. But with the uplifting spirit that birds give as they soar on wings and chirp as they do. Most of them have bright feathers which make them quite attractive. If you own birds, like parakeets, you need to make sure to provide them the proper care to keep them healthy and happy. One of your concerns that would be related to this is finding the best choices for a parakeet food.

Parakeet Food

Parakeets as Pets

Parakeets’ remarkable chatter and vivid colors are sure to appeal to any prospective owner. Children and adults alike adore these charming birds. They are also quite sociable, and when taught properly can even talk. A bird with a rather small feature, the parakeet is quite easy to care for. That does not mean that it should be left to fend for itself, though. You will still need to make sure that the bird is provided with the proper care that it needs to ensure that it will remain active and well while under your care. That includes providing the right foods for your bird.

The term “Parakeet” is a general term used to describe a variety of small and medium-sized parrot species. The budgerigar or budgie is the most popular of this kind. These birds, that are native to Australia, have an average lifespan of about five to eight years. However, these fragile creatures may live longer if provided with the right care. The overall quality of health of these small birds includes a variety of diet with fresh food and fruits. They love finely chopped leafy greens. They do enjoy best wild bird food as well, but they should not be offered to them as their primary diet.

Best Choices for Parakeet Food

These active chattery birds need a good balanced healthy diet like any other pets. And it makes them all happy and satisfied if you provide these remarkable birds a variety of diet that would include fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables. These food choices will make up a great parakeet diet.

Your little feathered friend parakeet will also enjoy sharing all of the variety of fruits with you. Offer them apples, mandarins and pears. For sure they will give you those affectionate looks and loving nibbles. You can simply place a small slice of fruit inside the bird’s cage. A little later, you will find it enjoying it’s meal for the moment. You can also turn the feeding session with your parakeet into a bonding moment so you can earn more trust from your pet bird while having some fun at the same time. Place the feed on your hand and offer it to your pet. You can even offer some green feeds to your bird even while it is taking a splash and cleaning its self up.

Greens for Parakeets

Parakeets also enjoy a variety of greens for its diet. If you offer your parakeet finely chopped kelp, mustard leaves, cabbage leaves, dandelion leaves, broccoli leaves, cauliflower leaves, or even Bokchoi, it will surely be a hit for your parakeet. Note, however, that not all greens will be good for your bird. Ask a local veterinarian for any of these vegetables that may cause health problems, such as liver problems and even calcium deficiency.

Parakeets are very smart pet, which means they will need to be properly stimulated before you can win them over and persuade them to do something, even if it means for their good. It will help to offer them new foods to add variety to their diet. It will also help if you offer varied combinations of fruits, seeds, and greens to your parakeet to make feeding more stimulating. Your pet bird will definitely be grateful to have an exciting new meal every now and then.

Your parakeet requires more than the right cage, and offering stimulating toys that can keep these active birds busy. Caring for your bird means spending some quality time with them. It also means offering them the right foods that they will need to stay well. Remember that a proper diet can make a big difference with the quality of health of your parakeet, so always make sure that you offer only the best choices for parakeet food.