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 Healthy Ways to Feed Your Guinea Pigs

April 13, 2019 | Post | No Comments

Like any other living things, guinea pigs also enjoy eating but it is also important to watch their food intake to make sure that they will remain healthy. If your guinea pig is not given adequate diet, you will notice changes in your pet brought about by Vitamin C deficiency that usually occurs two weeks after the deficiency starts. If this happens, you will notice that your guinea pig will become weak and lethargic and they will begin to eat less causing them to lose weight and have enlarged joints. They will also develop rough hair coat and have diarrhoea and their nose and eyes will produce discharge. In about three or four weeks, your guinea pig may bid farewell to you. Avoid this tragic thing from happening and start feeding your pet the right type of food.

Guinea Pigs

More than giving them guinea pig pellets that you can get from your vet, it is also important to add green leafy vegetables on their diet since they need a high fibre diet. You can them with a combination of high-quality guinea pig pellet and guinea pig hay to ensure that they get the proper nutrients they need. (more…)

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